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The water is so blue now; I see so clearly what makes me fabulous. In the sea of life, loneliness and love guide you on the path to self discovery. It is a tough journey for all women to truly find what is important and meaningful.

 I have looked in the mirror to face most of my fears, tried to be brutally honest with myself, find my boundaries and break them, and be forgiving enough to love me for who I am. My values are measured by truth and compassion. I am the woman who is comfortable in her own skin, my life is not defined by my job or how pretty my face is, but by what I do and the lives I touch.

The baby turtle hatches and is thrown to the wind, struggling to reach the water, the waves toss and turn and yet it perseveres. Soft shelled, soft hearted, life’s unrelenting turmoil met with unknown courage. Soon it becomes a young adult and then matures to a magnificently beautiful tortoise, its shell is scarred and enduring. The storms are over and the sky is clear. In my heart I’m home and the journey is what, now, makes my life so fabulous.

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