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Feeling fabulous at 45!? I live with Crohns Disease a chronic intestinal
disorder. Honestly, at times I want to stay in bed and at times I have to. I am
often told I smile a lot. I’m an ex world class athlete that has developed a
passion for each day. I’m grateful for life and my supportive and loving family
and friends. It’s true joy to be loved,feel love, and to love. I work in the
health care field and I am able to touch and be touched by other life’s. I get
emotional writing this because I truly see the light that shines around me. It
may deem but it always shines. Her I sit vulnerable and powered by his glory.
There is only one me so I strive. I may not always feel "Fabulous at 40" but I
have a fabulous full life at 45.

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