That Person Was Me

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One Saturday morning, I went to have coffee with some girlfriends at one of their homes. As the hours passed, we wrapped up our visit and many women left. I stayed behind and had an opportunity to get to know the woman who had opened her home to all of us ladies. While there, we received a call that another woman needed our help. Her husband was coming home from a hospital stay and she wanted and needed our support. We drove over to her house to be of service to her. We ordered some pizzas and passed the time by talking. One of the couples there that day encouraged me to get a special Bible which would enhance my Christian walk. Despite being raised in a Christian home and having a father who is still the pastor of our church, I waffled in my faith. To be honest, for the last year I had been angry with God because I strongly believed He had turned His back on me since I was still unemployed despite sending out hundreds of resumes. In my quest for employment I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada from Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The following day, I attended the early morning service at my church. After I found a seat, two elderly couples asked me if I would be willing to switch rows with them so that they could sit together. My first thought, despite being in a house of God, was no. However, after reflecting on some of the principles I had begun to learn, I said, “Of course.” What I didn’t know was that that statement would set in motion a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events, and outcomes. Without even knowing it, I became willing and open-minded. I prayed for God to open my heart and mind to hear the message. A fellow church member shared at the service how 14 people driving through Starbuck’s, McDonald’s and other places had taken to heart the message from the past weekend’s service to pay for the car behind them. Afterwards, a pastor urged us to continue the experiment of “paying it forward”.

After the conclusion of the service I felt rejuvenated and inspired, I went to the church bookstore and was told the Bible that my friends’ had recommended cost $20. Since I was still unemployed, the price of the Bible was out of my budget. I thought I had a coupon to another bookstore so I left to go home. I found the coupon, but when I called the bookstore they didn’t have the Bible I was seeking. I frantically returned to my church’s bookstore. I parked in the ‘No Parking’ section with my hazards on. I ran into the bookstore. Finally, I made the decision to buy the Bible. When I walked in, there was a young girl about 10 years old with glasses and she appeared to be alone. When I asked if she was alone, she said the other bookstore volunteer had gone to the ladies’ room. I then asked if she knew how to ring me up. She said yes. I selected my Bible and brought it to the register. As I reached into my purse to grab my wallet, the little girl told me I didn’t have to pay for the Bible because the person before me had purchased a gift card and asked that it be used to pay for the next person who came in to buy something. That person was me. I thanked her and left. The gravity of the situation hit me as I recounted my experience with my mother. She was back home in Ann Arbor. Tears came streaming down my face as I realized that God loved me independently of His love for all His children. He loved me and had a unique plan for me. From that day, June 10, 2007, I have strived to seek His will and put God first in my life. Today I realize that I needed to travel 2,000 miles for this one amazing thing which opened the door for my new relationship with God.

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