Cindy Rogers, 59

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At 59 (turning 60 soon!), I experience life as a joyous dance, looking forward to the day as it unfolds, consciously choosing to live each day to its fullest with spiritual principles as my guide. I am comfortable with and like who I am. I’m happy, secure, and confident; have an open mind and a loving heart.

 I’ve come to know things happen for reasons and moving through life is about one’s attitude. I now see life’s challenges as opportunities for growth and learning.

 I’m blessed to be healthy and fit; dance (!); be a successful entrepreneur; live in a city that I enjoy; live near and spend time with my daughter & her family; have the support and love of family and many wonderful friends! 

And I’m excitedly awaiting the publication of my first book! I’m realizing my dreams! Life is FABULOUS and the best is yet to come!!


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