Delores Edwards, 44

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My life right now is about not living my next 43 years as my last. 

Between losing a job, moving, being abused, and losing a parent, it was time to reclaim me.

I am no longer Delores from x job or Mrs. Edwards’s daughter. There are people who only know me as that and others who only want to know me as that.   It’s been 17 years since I stopped to ask myself what I wanted. 

Time changes things and I grew – not outside in, but inside out.

It’s year one. 

I realized how powerful I am and how strong my mother was. Her strength is my strength.   I no longer worry about what others think; nor am consumed with shoulds, needs and have tos. 

My outlook is different. I take my advice first before someone else’s. Things that are non-essential – simply fade away.   I am open. I am ME.

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E.Michelle Lee04.26.2011

Delores, great commitment statement you have written here. If you need anything or if I can be of help; please feel free to reach out to me. Regards, E Michelle Lee

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