Helen Travers, 65 years

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   This is the most “fabulous” time of my life. Because I’ve proved all stereotyping wrong!!!

   For the past two decades I have heard, “Ten years from now you won’t have that

energy and waistline, you’ll slow down too.”

  At age 65 I still get up at 4:50 A.M. every morning to exercise for an hour (including boxing) before going to my full-time job.

  Beauty and youth come from within. Attitude is everything. I have never expected to slow down, lose energy, or drive. Every decade brings new and wonderful things.

 This is a “fabulous” time in my life because I am vital and healthy enough to do whatever I choose. So many exciting possibilities.   

 Grow old gracefully?   Not me, I don’t intend to grow old.    Stay vibrant, healthy, and full of life – that’s my plan for the rest of my life. A woman can be beautiful at any age.


            Helen Travers


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