2008 Reinvention Convention: Carly Fiorina

The McCain advisor and former Hewlett-Packard CEO offered some surprising opinions at MORE’s October 6 event.

by More.com Staff
Laura Landro (left) with Carly Fiorina (Photo: Matt Carasella)

The Wall Street Journal‘s Laura Landro interviewed Carly Fiorina for the breakfast keynote discussion at the second annual MORE Magazine Reinvention Convention on October 6. Landro spoke with the Victory 2008 Chairman for the Republican National Committee about her time at Hewlett-Packard, women in power, and her reinvention into politics and other worlds. Excerpts from the discussion follow:About recently saying that none of the presidential candidates were capable of running large companies:"One thing I’ve learned is that in politics, you should never answer hypothetical questions. Look, I know that reinventions are not always going to go perfectly. You’re going to stub your toe. Do I regret making mistakes? Of course, especially when it negatively influences something I care deeply about.’‘About the tough side of politics:"It’s aggravating that right now there are political ads out there repeating old accusations from my time at HP ... But, I find politics very uplifting — not because of the politicians, but because of meeting and talking with the people the politicians want to serve."About the best-known women in politics — Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin:"Sexism is a bipartisan affliction. Both of these women are courageous, out there on a firing line. And they are spoken about in a way that we would never speak about a man. Women’s tolerance for that sort of thing has decreased dramatically over the years, and even in the last few months. And that’s a good thing that has come out of this political race." Her thoughts on Palin:"The most important thing for me is authenticity — to stay true to your core and who you are. And I think she does that." MORE also featured Fiorina in an October issue Q&A in which she said this about McCain out-campaigning Clinton and Obama:"John McCain said through the primaries, ‘I’ll out-campaign anybody.’ But he wouldn’t have been able to out-campaign Hillary. She would have matched him, stride for stride. But he can out-campaign Obama."Originally published on MORE.com, October 2008.

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