2008 Reinvention Convention: Isaac Mizrahi

The hilariously opinionated designer on why your skirt should be shorter, your heels should be higher, and why Sarah Palin "looks very ’80s and ’90s to me."

by More.com Staff
Lesley Jane Seymour and Isaac Mizrahi onstage at MORE’s Reinvention Convention (Photo: Matt Carasella)

Fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi cracked us up at our Reinvention Convention on Monday. In his onstage interview with Editor-in-Chief Lesley Jane Seymour, the new Liz Claiborne creative director gushed opinions on everything from heels (higher is better!) to hairstyles (go big if you want to!).

No surprise: Mizrahi also had something to say about the nation’s most visible hockey mom’s style. He thinks Sarah has a great body, but she should make some cosmetic changes — like getting rid of her $35,000 personal tanning bed:

"All that makeup and tan and the hair up. Very ’90s and ’80s to me."

More choice quotes from the designer:

"Working out too much [after 40] is rough. I call it beef jerky [arms]. Like when the skin starts clinging to the bones."

"Never buy clothes on sale, don’t go to Century 21. It’s the most depressing place on earth. I think it makes everyone hate clothes. It’s poorly lit and it has all this merchandise that nobody else wants. So why do you want it? Cause it’s cheap — and it just collects dust in your closet!"

"I’ve been coloring my hair since I was 25 years old…. Now I’m going gray, so I think I might stop coloring. But then if I stopped coloring my hair, then I’d really have to be thin. And now I’m not exactly the thinnest. But then you look like a fat queen who colors her hair anyway."

"Err on the side of shorter [skirts]. Unless you have hideous legs!"

"In Sex and the City, the reason [Carrie] is considered so stylish is because she goes full-force with the mistake. Like when you see Sarah Jessica Parker’s roots down to here, you know she means that, it’s not like she can’t afford to get her roots done. She has a Garnier Nutrisse contract for God’s sake."

How do you know you’re dressing too young? "People start looking at you funny. It’s like they smell something bad…."

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Originally published on MORE.com, October 2008.

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