Working Out at 40 Could Mean Better Health at 80

New study finds the exercise you do now has benefits down the road

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

OK, so 80 isn’t exactly the new 40, but if you want to feel great when you hit your ninth decade, you had best get moving now.

ABC News reports a new study in the Archives of Internal Medicine finds working out and getting in good shape physically when you’re in your forties can keep everything from cancer to brain conditions at bay.

“It has been known for decades that people who are more fit live longer, but what has been unclear is that people who are fit live better,” lead researcher Dr. Jarett Berry tells the network.

And it’s not as if you have to start training for a marathon or committing to Cross Fit classes five days a week. 

“In general, we saw if you increased your fitness by 20 percent, you would decrease your disease burden by 20 percent,” Berry tells ABC News. “… The benefit of fitness persists to the end of life.”

Drop a few pounds, feel healthier and possibly avoid cancer? Can we carpool to the gym? Actually, we’ll just go ahead and jog there.

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