Facebook Study: Women Click Before They ‘Like’

Women and men “like” brands equally, but women click on ads before doling out their endorsements.

By Lesley Kennedy • MORE.com Reporter

Men. They think they can just throw around their allegiances all willy-nilly. But women? Contrary to popular belief, we are actually the more practical sex, preferring to check things out before we give them our endorsements.

A new study from SocialCode, Facebook’s ad agency, seems to support that notion, at least. AdWeek reports men and women are on equal footing when it comes to “liking” a brand on the social-networking site, but women will click on the ad first—before clicking “like”—11 percent more often.

“It shows a deeper psychological trend where women are more considered purchasers or actors,” Laura O’Shaughnessy, SocialCode CEO, tells the magazine.

On another note, the study found 18- to 29-year-olds “like” brands with more abandon than those 30 and older, according to AdWeek.

We always did prefer quality over quantity.

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First Published September 2, 2011

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