7 Myths About Being an Entrepreneur

Well-meaning friends with 9-5 jobs often have no clue how hard you work.

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ANSWER #7. You got me. You’re right. While you’re busy posting pictures from your weekend camping trip on Facebook, Tweeting about how your neighbor’s cat keeps killing birds and dropping them on your front porch, and scanning YouTube for the most outrageous videos, I’m also on there … making sure my blog posts are coming through correctly, introducing and connecting people who should meet each other, following links to useful industry articles and reposting them, editing videos, and building my networks. But it’s got nothing to do with work.

Being an entrepreneur can be one of the most rewarding things you will ever do – especially if you truly find a way to turn your passion into profit. But don’t believe anyone who tells you it’s easy, or there’s a shortcut you can take to success. Making a go at a new business venture involves hard work, and lots of it. You can make it easier on yourself by surrounding yourself with people who, if they don’t exactly understand your work, at least value and support it. You may face a bit of an uphill battle to win over the JOB-ers … but it’s worth the effort to have them in your corner.


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