20 Reasons We Love Dressing Our Age

With age comes many things, among them wisdom, confidence, more closet space, belly fat. Hey, you win some, you lose some, right? But when you get a little older, there are style tips that can help you look your best, feel great and tame that tummy. Your younger self? She might even be envious. As Coco Chanel said, “A woman has the age she deserves”

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Buy a Big Ole Piece of Jewelry

When you’re a grownup, not only can you finally afford to buy yourself some bling (whether real or faux), but you can totally carry it off, too. So go ahead and have breakfast at Tiffany’s. Heck, stay for lunch and dinner, too.


Tiffany Sparklers amethyst cocktail ring, $975, tiffany.com

Tiffany & Co.

Rock an Old Trend

Let the young ones chase after the latest and the greatest runway trends. A real woman can pull something out of her closet -- like a cool bomber jacket -- and look just as cool as the younger crowd.


Michael by Michael Kors bomber jacket, $270, macys.com


Hide That Belly Fat

Sadly, it’s kinda unavoidable: Belly fat and age tend to go hand in hand. So finding a blouse that perfectly hides your belly fat is a wardrobe essential. Thankfully, the older you are, the smarter you dress, so you know by now that your belly is your own business -- and now you know how to hide it!

IMPROVD wrap top, $268, nordstrom.com


Go Bold with Color

Forget those insecure years when you tried to blend in wearing all black. These days you’re secure with yourself, you know who you are and how far you’ve come, and most important, you’re actually HAPPY to have all eyes on you. Bright on!


Banana Republic BR Monogram one-shoulder dress, $175, bananarepublic.com

Banana Republic

Show Off Those Legs

You’ve worked hard for those great gams, so flaunt them! There’s no reason to be apologetic for the hours you’ve logged on the treadmill -- it’s time to work that mini with pride.


The Limited Vibrant tweed mini, $42, thelimited.com

The Limited

Splurge on Shoes

No more cheapies for you. Nothing updates an outfit like an amazing pair of shoes, and the older you get, the more fab your footwear should become. Pricey? Yeah, but go ahead. You’ve earned it.


Jimmy Choo Binnis pump, $695, jimmychoo.com

Jimmy Choo

Brighten Up Your Bag

Want an instant update? Carry a red bag. If your youth was spent carrying a series of -- dare we say -- cheap black purses, it’s time to show some spunk with a carry-all that chicly shouts, “Look at me!”


Tory Burch Ella nylon tote, $195, saksfifthavenue.com

Saks Fifth Avenue

Think Quality, Not Quantity

There was a time when you’d rather spend your fall clothing budget on as many pieces as possible, but now it’s time to change your strategy. Add a killer black leather jacket, a velvet dress you’ll wear for years or an amazing pair of suede pumps. Luxury lasts.


Anne Klein embossed leather jacket, $399, anneklein.com

Anne Klein

Wear What You Want

Now is the time to really have fun with your clothes. Sequins during the day? Why not? Jeans with a tuxedo jacket for dinner out? You bet. Wearing your best jewelry to the office? Be our guest. This is your time to shine.


DKNY sequin T-shirt, $69, net-a-porter.com


Soften Up with Cashmere

Maybe you couldn’t afford this supersoft fabric when you were starting your career, but now that you’re on top of your game, why not drape yourself in a little luxury?


Sparrow cashmere boatneck sweater, $148, anthropologie.com


Embrace Black and White

One thing years of playing with fashion teaches a woman is that it’s hard to go wrong with black and white. Show your stylish sophistication with classic houndstooth that can be worn day or night.

Kate Spade houndstooth Rose coat, $185, katespade.com

Kate Spade

Turn to the Turtleneck

If you thought a black turtleneck was boring when you were 20, you know it's a saving grace when you’re 50. Look for classic, fitted styles -- simple, chic and ageless. Yes!

Chico’s Reagan turtleneck sweater, $59, chicos.com


Go Sheer, but Subtly

There may have been a time when you dared to go bare, but that look isn’t so cute on a more mature woman. Good news: You can still get the look without showing all that skin by simply layering a gorgeous lace blouse over a skin-toned cami or tank. Sexy? Yes. But not at all tarty.


Josie Natori black lace blouse, $325, saksfifthavenue.com

Saks Fifth Avenue

Toe the Trend Line

Definitely sample the latest trends, but don't go whole hog and dress in them from head to toe. Love the ’70s vibe that’s hot right now but have already been there, done that? Opt for one disco-worthy shimmery scarf rather than add the jumpsuit, platforms and sunglasses, too.

Marc by Marc Jacobs disco-print scarf, $178, neimanmarcus.com

Neiman Marcus

Think Minimal

If dressing minimal seemed like a crime against fashion in your twenties, it’s your BFF in your forties and beyond. Leave the crazy prints and frou-frou touches to the younger crowd and think sleek, streamlined and tailored, but don’t forget to have fun with accessories.

Asos Minimal coat, $174.60, asos.com


Break Up Your Suits

Matchy-matchy is fine when you’re younger, but it dates you as you age. So go ahead and wear your favorite suit slacks -- just trade in the jacket for a colorful cardigan. Instant age-defier.


J.Crew Eden cardigan, $89.50, jcrew.com


Fancy Up Your Fabrics

The little black dress is timeless –- and ageless –- but when you’re older, go ahead and invest in richer textiles. Think velvet, silk, brocade, lace. Isn’t it about time your fabric feels as good as you do?

Elie Tahari Reese dress, $498, elietahari.com

Elie Tahari

Stop the Neck Pain

Feel bad about your neck? Nora Ephron wasn’t the only one. Try a face-framing, high-collared blouse that brings the attention up to your lovely face.


Diane von Furstenburg Trelodie tie top, $265, bloomingdales.com


Ditch the Matched Sets

Match your shoes and bag and add 10 years to your look, so just stop it. A brightly colored pair of flats look fresh and youthful with your neutral purse.


Coach Dwyer flat, $118, coach.com


Slim Your Skirt

If you shunned the pencil skirt in your younger years for fear of looking too grownup, it’s time to embrace it now! It will look flattering and sexy, too. And who wouldn’t want that?


Cynthia Steffe Ziggy pencil skirt, $195, Nordstrom.com


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First Published October 10, 2011

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So true!

Debra Gilmour11.01.2011

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this article! The older I get the more fun I have with playing dress up!

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