Are You Too Old to Rock a Bikini?

Survey shows 47 is the age limit when it comes to a two-piece swimsuit

Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

Psst … Madonna … Could you please cover up that rock-hard body of yours? That miniskirt is just … unseemly. Julianne Moore, best take advantage of that massive shoe collection — you’ve got mere months left to strut your stilettos. And Helen Mirren? What in God’s name are you thinking showing off that amazing 65-year-old figure in a bikini? That’s just unacceptable.

So maybe the logic doesn’t exactly hold true when it comes to all women of a certain age, but in a new survey commissioned by, naturally, a company called Diet Chef, women put age limits on clothing from bikinis to knee-high boots to leggings, London’s Daily Mail reports.

In case you’ve been wondering if you can still get away with wearing a miniskirt, Uggs or long hair — and 44 percent of respondents say they regularly worry they’re too old to wear certain things — the 2,000 women surveyed declared that there are specific ages when women should just say no to certain fashions.

Here are the survey results:

  • Bikini, 47
  • Miniskirt, 35
  • Boob tube, 33
  • Stilettos, 51
  • Belly-button piercing, 35
  • Knee-high boots, 47
  • Sneakers, 44
  • Leather trousers, 34
  • Leggings, 45
  • Ugg boots, 45
  • Swimsuit, 61
  • Tight vest, 44
  • See-through chiffon blouse, 40
  • Long hair, 53
  • Ponytail, 51

Someone needs to talk to these respondents. Sneakers stop at 44? Really? And what should 61-year-olds wear at the beach? We're pulling our long hair into a ponytail and moving on.

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First Published May 13, 2011

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