What's Inside Our Stylist's Kit

MORE's fashion stylists know a thing or two about being prepared. Here, our favorite products to avoid fashion emergencies. With prices this low (starting at $3!) there's no excuse not to disaster-proof your closet.

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Lint Roller

Nothing can take the chic away from a little black dress than pesky lint. Thankfully, it's the easiest fashion woe to solve.


Evercare Giant Lint Roller, $5; soap.com

Photo courtesy of Soap.com

Power Panties

When packing for a photo shoot, a wide assortment of shapewear is a must-have. The most trusty and versatile style is the one that started it all: power panties.


Spanx Power Panties, $30; spanx.com

Photo courtesy of Spanx

Deodorant Removing Sponge

If you've ever constructed the perfect ensemble only to have it ruined by a rogue deodorant mark...imagine how painful it must be when it happens to you professionally. This smart little sponge is one of the most amazing products to have come across our desks and can work miracles.


Hollywood Fashion Tape deodorant removing sponge, $5; hollywoodfashiontape.com

Photo courtesy of Hollywood Fashion Tape

Nipple Covers

Visible nipples can ruin an otherwise gorgeous photo and don't always work well in the real world, either. If you're a small-busted woman who chooses to go without a bra in slinky tops or filmy sundresses, try nude nipple covers to avoid a peep show.


UnderwomanWORLD NoShows Nipple Covers, $13; amazon.com

Photo courtesy of Amazon


Designer gowns are too pricey for lounging while a starlet or model gets her hair and makeup done—a sumptuous robe is much more appropriate. Copy the glam trick by wearing one while primping. It's far more chic than PJs and won't risk getting that day's duds messy.


Lacoste basic terry robe, $90; macys.com

Photo courtesy of Macy's

Double-Sided Tape

Double-sided tape isn't just for risky, barely there fashion. Stylists use it constantly to make sure fabric isn't flapping or puckering and getting in the way of a shot. Use it at home to keep wrap tops and dresses from over-exposing or to keep pesky straps up (and bra-straps covered.)


Mattese Elite Fashion Tape, $7; rickysnyc.com

Photo courtesy of Ricky's

Nail Polish Removing Pads

The cardinal rule of a fashion stylist is to always be prepared. These all-in-one polish removing pads are genius and easy to use/transport since the pads are pre-soaked with remover.


Cutex One-Step Nail Polish Remover Pads, $3; drugstore.com


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Photo courtesy of Drugstore.com

First Published April 6, 2011

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