Fashion Trucks Rollin’ in the Trendy

Retailers are borrowing a page from food trucks and selling their stuff without stores

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

Think food trucks are trendy? Then you haven’t seen a boutique on wheels.

The Associated Press reports fashionistas are jumping on the food-truck bandwagon, trading out burritos and hot dogs for bracelets and haute couture.

In cities from Los Angeles to New York, from Portland, Oregon, to Boston, glammed-out mobile stores are a less expensive way for aspiring retailers to make their mark, according to the news service.

“The old door-to-door salesman is too difficult in today’s world, but we’re seeing an uptick in bringing the product to the consumers,” NPD’s chief retail analyst, Marshal Cohen, tells AP. “. . . People love it. You are now back to the social aspect of shopping.”

Hey, if you can buy Thai from a truck, why not spend on tunics from a trailer? Just think of all the calories you’ll save.

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