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“Project Runway” Recap: Caribbean Queen Reigns Supreme

In the very last make-it-work moment of the season, the judges gave the bedraggled designers $500 to spend at Mood two days before their collections were to walk at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. It was time to separate the miracle workers from the lily gilders once and for all. As soon as the fatigued fashionistas returned from Mood, the wheels in Joshua';s bedazzled brain began spinning. He wanted neon-green shorts, he wanted more tank tops, he wanted a replacement neoprene jacket: he wanted it all. As the always-astute Viktor put it, "He's, like, going crazy." Meanwhile, on the other side of the workroom, Anya was back in her element, summoning her superpowers to create three brand-new looks under the wire. Unlike Joshua, Viktor, and Kimberly, who were focused on enhancing their collections, Anya was attempting to reinvent a collection that she wasn't proud of. "100 percent, it's not my best work,"; she confessed to Tim. As the judges have said numerous times, this competition is called Project Runway not Project Seamstress; what Anya lacked in experience, she made up for in spades with inspiration (behold the beauty of this dress!) and a willingness to learn and adapt. And, of course, it doesn't hurt that Homegirl has superpowers. Congrats, Caribbean Queen. I foresee many shaved sides of heads in the near future.
The Winner: Anya Ayoung-Chee

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