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“Project Runway” Recap: The Final Four

The Challenge: Create a mini-collection comprised of three looks inspired by the architecture, landscape, and sculpture on Governor’s Island. Make it work!
The Drama: Tonight the top five battled it out to secure a spot as one of the lucky four that gets a home visit from Tim Gunn and, of course, gets to design a collection for fashion week. Judges’ darlings Viktor, Anya, and Joshua were shoe-ins for the top-three spots unless one of them produced a look so boring that it literally put Nina Garcia in a coma, so the real competition was between Kimberly and Laura for the coveted fourth spot.
Both designers were (smartly) intent on keeping the judges awake. Kimberly relied on the power of a jarring “disco Halloween” orange-and-silver color palette to get their attention while Laura incorporated a loud circular cutout into two of her garments. Laura’s floor-length gown was striking and original, but her frumpy pillowcase frock failed to make an impact; Kimberly’s silver brocade cocktail dress was pure gold, but her safety-cone-orange winter coat had Heidi convinced that her model was an exchange student from Holland.
Ultimately, Laura’s circles and wearable pillowcase failed to captivate the judges. If the goal was to keep Nina awake, Ms. Kathleen should have known better than to send something that looked like a bedroom linen down the runway. She might as well have wrapped her model in a comforter and sent her out holding a bottle of Tylenol PM. Better luck next time, Laura.
The Winners: Everyone but Laura.
Quotes of the Night:

“What’s the Statue of Liberty doing here?”—Tim Gunn doesn’t like it when the Statue of Liberty drops by unannounced.
“If Anya goes to fashion week who’s gonna sew her sh*t?”—Viktor, asking the question that’s on everyone’s mind. Stay tuned for answers in the season finale.  

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