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“Project Runway” Recap: No Money, No Problems

The Challenge: Create a sophisticated 1970s-inspired look on a $100 budget, and a second one-piece look on a $50 budget.
The Drama: Tonight, Anya found herself in a true make-it-work moment when she lost her money in the fabric store. Penniless and despairing, the less-than-thrilling options she was left with were to accept whatever charitable donations of fabric scraps and chump change her fellow designers were willing to give her and to use muslin, the drab workroom textile that’s typically reserved for pattern-making. Things were not looking good. But, like the superhero that she is (remember? I totally called it in the first episode), she channeled her anguish into focused resourcefulness, and with eleven dollars worth of fabric (plus the additional fifty dollars), produced the winning looks of the night.
On the other end of the spectrum was Joshua, who had a pocket full of money, but zero inspiration. It was almost as if he was unaware that the 1970s even happened, let alone what the strange primordial humans of the era wore. His main look was a catastrophic collision of high-waisted plaid pants, leopard print accessories, and a baggy pink-and-black tuxedo shirt. Of course if we know anything by now, it’s that the judges prefer aggressive ugliness to blasé boringness, and so it was former frontrunner Anthony Ryan that got the ax tonight. His attempt at a free-spirited ’70s vibe had the judges yawning between cult-related criticisms.
The Winner: Anya Ayoung-Chee
Other Looks We Liked: Kimberly’s monochromatic jumper
Quotes of the Night:

“Girl going to the mall, or going to bury something in the woods.” —Bert sharing with us what Anthony Ryan’s fabric choices conjure for him. Indeed, it’s such a fine line between the bury-something outfit and mall-rat chic, isn’t it?
“They’re hippie sister wives.” —Michael Kors hurling one last insult at Anthony Ryan, and, in our minds at least, laying the groundwork for an exciting Lifetime-TLC design challenge. Fingers crossed!

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