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lauren hutton coat image
Rock the Coat: Fall's Best Outerwear
Looking for a great coat this fall? Have a look at these chic wrap-ups modeled by Lauren Hutton SEE SLIDESHOW
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malin akerman out of car image
Malin Akerman: 'As I get Older, I Hope I Continue to Get Wiser'
Actress Malin Akerman on getting older, gaining credibility and growing a thicker skin READ
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julia stiles image
Julia Stiles, Green Goddess
Actress Julia Stiles shows off this season’s softest shades, including seafoam SEE SLIDESHOW
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Penelope Cruz Image
Celebs Share Their Moms’ Best Advice
Some slices of wisdom that our favorite leading ladies learned from their moms SEE SLIDESHOW
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It’s Finally Legal for French Women to Wear Trousers
A look at our favorite Parisienne celebs who’ve long been breaking the law with panache SEE SLIDESHOW
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