10 Cool Tips for Staying Cool This Summer

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 If you are inwardly, silently cringing at another day of warm sunny weather because you are having hot flashes day and night, you are not alone. Here is my tip list to keep your cool and still look great.

1. Sandals

Keep your feet exposed to the open air to keep cool. Can’t wear sandals for work because of some health issue? Try wearing open toe or peek-a-boo toe shoes and absolutely no hose or socks.

2. Sleeveless Tops, Blouses or Dresses

You may think your arms are not what they once were but really, no one would be looking at your arms if sweat is pouring down your face if you wear sleeves.*


3. Wicking Clothing

Seek out tops and short and pants for casual wear that wick away the moisture so you can stay dry. *


4. Portable Fans

Do not overlook the chance to quickly cool down with a small quiet fan strategically placed on your desk, in your bathroom or on your nightstand.


5. Underwear

Wicking bras and panties are in investment in coolness.


6. Iced Beverages

They can cool you down and you can use the ice cubes down your bra, or your pants.


7. Hats

Hats are very fashionable. Wear a big brim hat while outside. It will shade your face and shoulders while you end up looking very cool.


8. Scarves


This year scarves have been a great fashion accessory. Put them away for the summer.


9. Hair

If you have shoulder length hair, put it up into some fun styles. If you have short hair, shorten up the back or go for an asymmetrical look for the summer.


10. Sleepwear

Invest in wicking sleepwear for a cooler tomorrow. If you are sleep deprived because it is just too hot to sleep, summer can drag on for what will seem like forever.*


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