10 Must-Have Undergarments

The items you should always have in your drawer.

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 7. A sexy black bra/panty set.  - It’s like having milk in your fridge- a must have. Whether you are single or married, keep these matching undergarments in your drawer for yourself.  They will make you feel confident when getting dressed and undressed. Start and end your day, feeling sexy and ready to conquer anything!  

 8. SPANX Hide & Sleek Slip-Suit Shapewear  - is the perfect undergarment for silk, flowy, or lace dresses. There’s nothing better to give you a top to bottom fluid line effect—and its very comfortable! If you have a dress that you feel is too provocative or exposing, put on a full slip to achieve a sophisticated yet edgy look.      

 9. Spanx Hide & Sleek camisole  - Yes, they make them. They are one part camisole, one part tummy control, and three parts genius. Wear this under any t-shirt or blouse to simultaneously eliminate back fat and the muffin top problem  

 10. "Stylin’ Tape" – Double Stick Fashion Tape  - Fashion stylists always use double stick tape for photo shoots, red carpet events, and every day outings for their clients. It will do everything: hold down low-cut tops, keep straps in place, secure sling backs, and change the hem of your pants for length or size.  

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By Yana Berlin of fabulously40.com

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