10 Must-Have Undergarments

The items you should always have in your drawer.

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As society often changes, so do the necessities of forty-year young women.  In the past it may have been okay to have miss-matching undergarments and bra straps dangling, but today we live in the twenty first century where we must always look presentable, regardless if you are going grocery shopping or to a wedding. We have to look good, and most importantly feel good.  Utilize these ten items that will help you feel more alive and sexier than ever! 

10 items you should always have in your drawer:

 1. Spanx Hide & Sleek Slip on Suit  - Tummy? What tummy? This garment is a miracle-maker and will positively change how you feel in your clothes.  Get a variety—a bike short, a control-top panty, or a full body suit that doubles as shorts—and wear them any time you want to look sleek, tucked in, and prepared for anything!

 2. Strapless bra  There is no excuse to have the sloppy bra-strap-hanging-out look, especially when you are over 40 and more Fabulous than ever. Always keep a nude and black strapless bra in your drawer in case of emergency- you never know when this can come in handy, especially if you have to go to a last minute event or dinner.  This bra will make you look polished and sexy.

 3. Braza Swim Shaper Silicone Dolly Push-up Pads  - These little inserts for your bra are available in a variety of sizes and fabrications. Just because gravity has taken its toll on us, doesn’t mean we should let it hang! With the help of push up pads, you can change the entire look of a shirt with a little lift and good poise.    

 4. Sleep Set & Matching Robe  - Whether you wear a nightgown or a pajama set, it is important that they match your robe! If you are traveling, making breakfast for your kids, or having your morning coffee, wearing matching sleep gear will make you feel confident and sexy at all times.  

 5. Breezies Shadow Lace Embroidered Minimizing Bra RETAIL VALUE $48 Depending on your bust size, always have a special bra in your drawer. If you need more, a push up bra is a must have, drawing attention to your figure and lifting your upper body for a lean look. If you wish you had less, wear a minimizing bra that will draw more attention to your face, and balance your outfit. These types of bras were made for a reason—you’re not supposed to work for the bra, make the bra work for you. 

6. Barely There Invisible Look Hi-Cut Modal Brief Panty  - Panties that don’t expose the panty line. The right panties are crucial for a composed look. If you are wearing khakis or dress pants, be sure to use undergarments that are plain or floral design to eliminate any bumps in your pants.  There are a variety of panties available such as low rise, boy short, high waist, hipster, brief, and more, created specifically for the purpose of making your derriere comfortable without the worry of designs lining your pants. Find something that’s comfortable for you, and never worry about your visible panty line again.    


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