"Fix it" Fashion Tricks

Check out these insider secrets, tips and tricks from MORE’s fashion editors.
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White Out

The perfect ensemble ruined by rogue deodorant marks? This smart sponge buffs it out pronto. Miss Oops Rescue Sponge, $10; missoops.com
Photo Courtesy of Miss Oops

Powder Power

Heels can be painful enough without sweating feet. A quick tap of classic baby powder will help alleviate any slipping and sliding. Johnson’s Baby Powder, $5; walgreens.com
Photo Courtesy of Walgreens


Sultry styles might call for a little help up top. Give your regular bra some push-up power with these discreet helpers. Cleavage Cupcakes, $44, herlook.com
Photo Courtesy of herlook.com

Stand Straight

On a fashion shoot, editors often have to make do with sizes that don’t quite fit the model. These handy adhesive stickers keep the foot from slipping forward in heels and pumps. Tip Toes ball-of-foot cushions, $7; footpetals.com
Photo Courtesy of Footpetals.com

The Flattest Flats

When packing for shoots, keeping things small is a must. These simple flats come in a pocket-sized pouch, along with a large drawstring bag to hold your heels when standing all day gets to be too much. Footzyrolls, $30; footzyrolls.com
Photo Courtesy of Footzyrolls

Slip and Slide

Even the most stylish can’t avoid blisters. Try padding in the interior of the shoe’s heel to keep feet from slipping while catwalking. Heavenly Heels foot cushion, $3; footpetals.com
Photo Courtesy of Footpetals.com

A Faux Hem

Haven’t seen your sewing machine for, oh, the last 20 years? Cheat with this quick kit to get a hem look-alike. Hemming My Way hem kit, $20; hemmingmyway.com
Photo Courtesy of Hemming My Way

Rock that Roller

The handiest tool might also be the cheapest. Nothing helps smarten up a look faster than an old-fashioned lint roller. Scotch lint roller, $3; greenlightoffice.com
Photo Courtesy of greenlightoffice.com

Multiple Choice Moxie

Peek-a-boo bra straps were never in. This functional bra works with an array of cuts, helpful for the stylist on a shoot or the everyday woman. Victoria’s Secret BioFit 7-way bra, $55; victoriassecret.com
Photo Courtesy of Victoria's Secret

Place Maker

For models, simply posing is one thing-for us mere mortals, living is another matter. The pros use double-sided tape to keep things in place. Matchsticks double-sided fashion tape strips, $10; amazon.com
Photo Courtesy of Amazon.com

Brilliant Bras

Even sexy dresses need support. Smart stylists know to one-up a regular strapless bra with this backless model, molded to the body to cleverly stay out of sight. NuBra self-adhesive silicone bra, $51-$60; amazon.com
Photo Courtesy of Amazon.com

Secret Stickers

Visible nipples are never attractive, especially if they’re being immortalized in print. These nude colored fabric stickers help a fashionista maintain some decency. Fashion Forms breast petals, $6; amazon.com
Photo Courtesy of Amazon.com

Playing Footsie

Designed to fit around the ball of the foot, these thin bands will provide a little bit more cushion, turning your shoes a lot more comfortable. Peds foot band, $5; famousfootwear.com
Photo Courtesy of Famousfootwear.com

Undercover Helper

If it takes a village to make a gorgeous fashion spread, consider shapewear tribal chief. Spanx body shaper, $38; spanx.com
Photo Courtesy of Spanx

Out, Out Damned Spot

Thought Tide to Go was only a purse staple for busy moms? Think again. The style set knows to keep this smart gadget on hand for any unplanned accidents. Tide to go instant stain remover, $13 for 6; amazon.com *Want more style secrets? Check out The Bare Necessities.*
Photo Courtesy of Amazon.com

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