Goodnightie, and Good Luck

Deanna Pai • Fashion/Beauty Assistant
goodnighties image
Photograph: Courtesy of Goodnighties

Tossing and turning? These PJs promise to deliver a more restful and restorative sleep. Goodnighties pajamas (Goodnighties top, $43 and pants, $47; use a moisture-wicking fabric filled with negative ions to alleviate muscle soreness while regulating temperature. Skeptics may raise their eyebrows, but the fabric is surprisingly cool and almost silky in texture—a luxury normally absent from a primarily functional product (as in, this is not the sort of thing you'd wear to impress your significant other). However, Goodnighties are ideal for stabilizing internal temperature changes. What comes to our minds? Hot flashes. The fabric absorbs perspiration during a hot flash and then alleviates any subsequent chills. We'll take a peaceul sleep in Goodnighties over an uncomfortable midnight sweat any day.

First Published August 25, 2011

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