Like Mother, Like Daughter: Ageless Style

Real style is ageless. So why shouldn’t the next generation take their cues from us? Five mother-daughter duos prove that when it comes to fashion, everything is relative.
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DEBORAH DEJAH, 49, AT-HOME MOM "My style is edgy, funky, lots of black. I like these Seven jeans. The top is mine — Lanvin from two seasons ago. I found the belt on eBay. I’ve been shopping there since the day it started. I was 37 when I had Olivia, but she and I dress alike; it’s a good bonding thing. There’s not much of her stuff I won’t wear, except maybe her microminis!"

On Deborah: Henry Beguelin jacket ($1,425). Seven for All Mankind jeans ($180). Her own lace tee, belt, and Chloe platform sandals.

OLIVIA DEJAH, 12 "I think it’s cool that my mom and I have the same style. That way, I can borrow everything in her closet, except for her shoes: She’s a size 7 1/2 and I’m a 10.

On Olivia: LaRok jacket ($248). Vince tee ($125) and leggings ($48). Keds sneakers ($30). Her mom’s vintage belt.


MARY ANNE RITTENHOUSE, 52, CATERER "My grandmother was my fashion icon. She wore blazers, tweed suits, silk scarves. My wardrobe is just as timeless. I’ve had jodhpurs like these in my closet for years — but not as tight! As a child, Mariel used to make fun of me for wearing ballet slippers, so it’s funny to see her wearing them now."

On Mary Anne: Burberry wool blazer ($745) and cashmere sweater ($310). Ralph Lauren jodhpurs ($798). Sue London ballet slippers ($120). All jewelry her own.

MARIEL RITTENHOUSE, 25, PUBLIC RELATIONS EXECUTIVE "Except for a brief ‘punk meets the suburbs’ period in my teens, I’ve tried to emulate my mother’s style. She’s taught me that there’s a sexiness in being understated."

On Mariel: Tse cashmere cardigan ($495). Paul & Joe tank ($168). Matthew Williamson skirt ($520). Sue London ballet slippers ($120).


CECILIA RODHE, 42, SCULPTOR "I’ve never been into trends. When I see something great, I buy it, whether it’s a scarf from Hermes or these boots I found 20 years ago at a thrift shop. I’m glad I’ve passed on the importance of staying true to yourself to Yelena — in fashion, and in life."

On Cecilia: Etro silk dress ($2,100). BCBG wrap ($158). Her own vintage boots. Jacques Carcanagues necklace and Stephen Dweck cuff.

YELENA NOAH, 20, STUDENT (AMERICAN UNIVERSITY OF PARIS) AND MODEL "The two most valuable fashion lessons my mom taught me are to wear what you like — not what’s in — and that you don’t need to spend a fortune to get great clothes. Our eclectic styles are so similar that we usually get mistaken for sisters!"

On Yelena: Lutz & Patmos camisole ($250). Luisa Beccaria blouse ($800). Ralph Lauren Blue Label skirt ($398). Frye sandals ($90). Calleen Cordero belt ($195). Stephen Dweck bangles and necklace. Egg sculptures by Cecilia Rodhe.


LEZLIE MARET, 47, COLLEGE INSTRUCTOR (IN PSYCHOLOGY) "I’m into horseback riding, tennis, and skiing. Tennis skirts and fitted tees are my regular clothes when I’m not teaching. I shop with Courtney, and she has half my clothes in her closet — I never know where they are!"

On Lezlie: Puma jacket ($80). Splendid tee ($52) and skirt ($105). Converse sneakers ($40).

COURTNEY MARET, 18, STUDENT (POINT LOMA NAZARENE UNIVERSITY) "Like Mom, I get my fashion inspiration from sports. I love surfer-girl style: bright board shorts, flip-flops, and surfer jewelry. Mom and I share clothes, but I mix them more eclectically — anything goes. The most important thing she taught me is that if you keep fit, you’ll look great in anything."

On Courtney: Juicy sweatshirt ($98). Splendid shorts ($55). Tretorn sneakers ($65).

Originally published in MORE magazine, July/August 2006.

Real style is ageless. So why shouldn’t the next generation take their cues from us? Five mother-daughter duos prove that when it comes to fashion, everything is relative.


JUDY LICHT, 55, COHOST, FULL FRONTAL FASHION (WE NETWORK) "All those years as a newswoman forced me to stick with a classic style. Now that I’m immersed in the world of fashion, I get to have a little fun — designer labels, serious accessories. Recently I lost some weight, and for the first time, I’m Jessie’s size. So after years of her borrowing my clothes, I’m borrowing some of hers. Turnabout is fair play!"

On Judy: BCBG sweater ($218). Lutz & Patmos shirt ($285). Theory wool pencil skirt ($175). All jewelry, her own.

JESSIE DELLA FEMINA, 20, STUDENT (UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA) "I steal clothes from my mom all the time. I spent 13 years at a school where I had to wear a uniform, and perhaps in reaction to that, I designed my own clothing line that was very bright, bohemian, and revealing. Now I’m back to the classics, and even when I go glam, I’m all about comfort. This outfit with gold leather flip-flops would be just right."

On Jessie: BCBG cardigan ($218). Lutz & Patmos top ($265). Her own Donna Karan jacket, vintage Donna Karan belt, and Danskin leggings. Stephen Dweck ring.

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