Norma Kamali

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The Jumpsuit

She designed her first one in the ’60s, believing that "once you find one you like, you understand the efficiency of having a one-piece item that you can accessorize or wear as is." OMO Norma Kamali Supplex jumpsuit, $550; available at
Photo: Jens Mortensen

Retro Eyewear

Kamali’s favorite styles return every year; the frames are made from a resin she helped develop. Norma Kamali handmade zyl sunglasses, $250; available at
Photo: Jens Mortensen

Glam Swim

She credits an old boyfriend-French-with introducing her to European swimsuits (chic cuts, lots of Lycra). Kamali started making them in the 1970s, and they’re still stylish. OMO Norma Kamali poly jersey swimsuit, $350; available at
Photo: Jens Mortensen

Core Colors

A black, white and red color scheme is a Kamali trademark (although she does include a few additional colors every season). She insists her cherry hue is a neutral. OMO Norma Kamali poly jersey top and skirt, $350 and $295; available at
Photo: Jens Mortensen

Parachute Material

When Kamali introduced the look in 1974, fashion editors went wild. "It’s actual parachutes!" Kamali says. "Once I started designing with it, I couldn’t stop." OMO Norma Kamali parachute skirt, $3,800; available at
Photo: Jens Mortensen

Sleeping Bag Coat

"I was inspired by my own sleeping bag because it’s so warm and lightweight. The coat is practical and alsohas a psychological effect: It makes you feel protected, as if you’re in a cocoon." OMO Norma Kamali nylon coat, $650; available at
Photo: Jens Mortensen

Mass Retailing

In 2008, Kamali launched a line with Walmart. The venture has meant a lot to the designer. "After 9/11, I wanted to put more meaning into my business," she says. "Bringing designer clothing to everybody was very appealing." Norma Kamali for Walmart poly Lycra dress, $24;
Photo: Jens Mortensen

Wonder Oils

As a child, Kamali was slathered in olive oil by her mother, an early believer in its benefits. Now Kamali’s wellness collection offers olive-based products like ice cream, cooking oil and moisturizer-?"all natural, all good for you," she says. Norma Kamali wellness olive oil, $45; soap, $85; available at
Photo: Jens Mortensen

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