The Pantyhose Debate

If your daughter doesn’t own a pair, forget about it
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Nature’s Best

Thought nude hose were concealing? Get the ultimate camo in warm shades of oatmeal, cocoa and gray. DKNY Hosiery Comfort Luxe Opaque Tights in chocolate, flannel grey; $14.50;
photo courtesy of Nordstrom

Top Tights

When re-hauling your lingerie drawer, make sure to include a pair of classic opaque tights for a quick dressing up or dressing down. Donna Karan Modern Matte Jersey Hosiery in black, $24;
photo courtesy of Neiman Marcus

Surprising Shades

Put a spin on classic (and sometimes drab) dresses and skirts with jewel toned tights. SPANX Tight-End Tights in cabarnet, midnight, garnet, marine, $26;
photo courtesy of Spanx

Nice & Nude

Fishnets aren’t just for hussies and pin-ups. Sexy squares get a make-under when done in flesh tones. Wolford Sixty-Six Fishnet Thigh Highs in honey, $42;
photo courtesy of Wolford

Flash Forward

Incorporate the sequin and shine trend that’s currently absorbing fashion’s finest with a woven nylon blend. Hue Lurex Control Top Tights in black/gold, $12.50;
photo courtesy of Bare Necessities

The Pants Alternative

Leggings provide more coverage than tights or hose, making them a chic option to wear with longer tunic tops. Three Dots Leggings in black, $98;
photo courtesy of Bare Necessities

Bronze & Go

If the only thing holding you back from bare legs this spring is a lack of color-sister, get over it! Easy bronzing sticks make swiping on a glow a cinch. Michael Kors Leg Shine, $10;
photo courtesy of Sephora

Mad Science

Think spray-on pantyhose sounds like the creation of a crazed chemist? It’s DIY with this easy spray, lab coats and bubbling test tubes begone! Dior Bronze Sun Powder Spray, $60;
photo courtesy of Sephora

Nude It Is?

And if you’re fully committed to nude-toned tights and require them professionally? Shop for a pair with with built in shapewear. Assets by Sara Blakely Perfect Pantyhose in buff, $12;
photo courtesy of Assets by Sara Blakely

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Madison 01.16.2015

Hosiery - Not just for weddings, church or other "special" events.
Black sheers - Not the only choice! Nude sheer or ultra-sheer hosiery, when closely matched to skin tone, looks absolutely amazing!
Sheers and Ultra-sheers actually make a women's legs look younger, healthier. The bare leg look which shows off veins, bruises, scrapes, bony feet, bony knees, spider veins and other blemishes do NOT make you look younger.
Set up a poll that features a non-model women's legs (waist down, showing part of the dress or skirt) in various heels, pumps, flats, etc. Same women, same shoes. One pic of her in sheer hosiery that matches her skin tone and one bare legged. Pics side by side. Then one with pics of a women in opaques (tights) and bare legged, same women, same shoes, same picture distance and angle. Do several of these, using the same women for the side by side comparison, in various combinations of skirts/dress, heels/flats/boots and hosiery, ultra-sheer to opaque, etc.
Do the poll without notifying the participant that it's a poll about hosiery (or bare legs), but start the poll featuring sheer (or ultra sheer) vs bare leg pics and then opaques vs bare leg. Some women (& men) will know right away what type of poll it is, but not all.
100% guaranteed, the majority of women & men will say the legs with hosiery look better, even though its the same (non-model) woman. And, most likely, the sheer hosiery would win the most "up" votes (vs the opaques). And, more than likely, a higher percentage of men (than women) will like the hosiery look in dresses and skirts vs. bare leg.
You intentionally pick out a beautiful dress and sexy, gorgeous shoes and then go bare legged? Doesn't look good. Hosiery completes the look. Legs looks better, smoother, more elegant, etc.
Bare legs are...well, bare. Great for shorts, great for swimsuits, great for wearing with flip flops. You know, the casual or beach scene look. Not so great for paring with dresses or skirts. Looks incomplete and too raw when matches with a dress or skirt.
There is a poll on stylebistro called "What Do You Think of Wearing Tights Under Shorts?" As of now, 81% like and only 19% dislike. Mind you, this is about the more casual look of opaques (not sheer/ultra-sheer) with shorts (not even dresses or skirts). Hosiery does look better than bare leg, in many situations.
Besides, there are so many new types, new technology out there since prior to the 90's. The sheer/ultra sheer skin tones look far more natural and appealing than before. As a bonus, there are of course many options for giving the appearance that you've lost a dress size (tummy control, especially with high waist, bum lifting, leg messaging, etc). There are even some that are made specifically for hotter climates such as the Silkies 65 Degree Control Top Sheer Pantyhose (in regular & toe-less). There are even hosiery that have a G-string affect made by Trasparenze (& others), if your into that, anti cellulite hosiery made by Solidea (& others), moisturizing hosiery made by Solidea, Cette (& others) and non-slip sole hosiery made especially for high heels by Marks & Spence, Frappe, Verano (& others).
Like Kate Middleton, Beyoncé, Zoey Deschanel, Sofia Vergara, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande and many of the younger 20 somethings from Disney, many more young and middle aged women should take notice that hosiery just looks better with dresses and skirts and has come a very long way in the last decade or so!

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