Signature Style: Tory Burch

Her signature look is a mix of ladylike silhouettes, retro patterns, and lavish embellishments. Best of all, it’s priced to wear.
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Tory’s Style Statement

Her clothes resonate with many women because they’re modern without being trendy, interesting without being outlandish, and chic and forgiving at the same time: "I love embellishment, embroidery, and unusual color combinations. I’d like women to try different things and be creative with the way they dress," Burch says. With the current economic downturn, her mantra of affordable luxury is ever more relevant. What’s next? "Sunglasses!" Burch answers. "And lots more. I’ve been through a lot, and I’ve grown up a lot. My kids come first and work comes after, but there’s definitely time for everything."

Gold-Plated Necklace

There’s nothing Burch likes better than a bold accessory, and she’s especially fond of cuff bracelets and big necklaces.

Gold-plated necklace, $495

Resin-and-Metal Cuff

Jewelry is an important part of creativity, she says, and women should climb out of their style ruts (in other words, forgo those mincy bangles you got in college). When you’re over 40, it’s the right time to "make a big statement."

Resin-and-metal cuff, $225

Embellished Flats

At last, a successor to the Reva flat (double-T logo on the toe). That shoe was a best-seller from the beginning, and was named after Burch’s mother. This season the style gets tweaked and embellished, and it’s as chic as it is comfortable.

Leather flats, $325

Tunic and Tweed Pants

Burch’s advice: Buy pieces with texture and geometric prints to make your look modern.

Cotton voile tunic, $295; tweed pants, $395

Leather Jacket

"I love earth tones," Burch says. "They’re especially great when paired with a bold color, or something embellished." Burch feels the loden-brown-taupe spectrum is easy to incorporate into a wardrobe (as basic as black and navy) and especially flattering for women’s skin tones because neutrals tend to be warmer hues.

Leather jacket, $825

Printed Dress

Burch cites interior designer David Hicks as a huge influence, which makes sense because he was known for his use of prints. Burch uses vintage motifs especially well on her dresses, the simple sheath being a favorite silhouette because "it’s so easy to wear." For women short on time, Burch calls the look "uncomplicated, no-brainer dressing."

Silk-cotton blend dress, $650

Patent Pumps

"I think mixing colors brightens your mood. It also makes you look young and fresh," says Burch.

Patent pumps, $350

Tunic and Sateen Pants

This shape has been around for centuries and it’s still a great idea. Burch remembers her mother and grandmother bringing tunics back from exotic locales, and the form stuck with her. She calls it "just the perfect quick way to look pulled together. It works no matter your shape and size," she says. But make sure it’s not too big, she cautions, and wear it with "skinnier pants to accentuate the proportionality."

Cotton voile tunic $275; stretch sateen pants, $265

Originally published in MORE magazine, February 2009.

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