Spin AND Shop at SoulCycle

Where the chicest of the chic are taking spin classes—and shopping.

Photograph: Photo courtesy of SoulCycle

In case you’ve ever doubted the connection between fitness and fashion: In New York City, specialized exercise studios are all the rage and have become as chic a destination as some Madison Avenue boutiques. The chicest of the chic are taking spin classes at SoulCycle (Brooke Shields and Kyra Sedgwick, to name a few), where studios are crammed with stationary bikes, rocking music, the soft flicker of candlelight and the most energetic instructors around. With SoulCycle’s third location opening up on the Upper East Side later this month (and a fourth primed to take on Tribeca’s toned and trendy in December), it’s beginning to look like a revolution (or bike-olution?).

The new Upper East Side studio, located at 83rd Street and Third Avenue, offers everything SoulCycle is known for plus some exciting additions, like a juice bar and a retail space for a little endorphin-induced shopping. Merchandise runs the gamut from sleek exercise wear to sporty yet stylish jewelry. Our favorite piece is an on-trend white plastic analog watch with the SoulCycle logo on the face. At first glance, the arching design looks like a chrysanthemum, but closer inspection reveals it to be the spokes of a cycling wheel. We wonder if the design takes inspiration from class-goers: beauty and gloss on the outside, all steely grit on the inside.

If you’re in Manhattan, stop by the new location on the weekend of September 25. Free spinning classes and giveaways are one incentive, but the shopping will get your heart rate up as well.

SoulCycle East
1470 Third Ave.
New York, NY 10028
Call the morning of September 25 to book a free class for opening weekend. Reservations are first come, first served.

SoulCycle watch, $30; 212-639-1300

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