Taking the Sting Out of Bathing Suit Shopping

I used to dread swimsuit shopping, and I don’t think I’m alone. So I did something about it, and started my own swimwear line.

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In April, I set out to find the perfect swimsuit, which always turns into the dreaded "bathing suit shopping experience." This is also the one thing women shop for alone. After trying on countless swimsuits and swearing to lose 15 pounds, I usually end up settling for something that either doesn’t fit right (in the right places) or isn’t a style I like.   
One April night when the house was finally quiet, I started to thumb through a few fashion magazines and thought, "I should create my own swimsuits." After all, I have an education and background in design and have years of experience in settling for swimsuits that aren’t flattering or well made. At that moment, the mission to create my own swimsuits began and Swankini was born.
I knew what I looked for in a swimsuit and needed to know if other women felt the same way; so, I went to the swimsuit section of a major department store to interview women (okay, some may call it stalking, I call it market research). I was surprised how many women felt the same way about finding a really good swimsuit. After talking with over 50 women, I was even more inspired to create the ‘perfect’ swimsuit—which truly was incredibly hard to find—but isn’t anymore.
I spent several months designing swimsuits that would make women look great and feel great. My goal was to create swimsuits that were totally flattering and totally fabulous. After a lot of hard work, I created a variety of beautiful swimsuits designed for all kinds of body types. Each swimsuit has a unique look to appeal to different tastes, but they all have a slimming lightweight lining, and are made from the highest quality fabrics. Swankini swimsuits are available in a wide range of gorgeous colors and are proudly made in the USA. Take a look at our website, Swankini.com and let us know what you think.

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