That's Spanx!?

It was the shapewear brand heard round the world: Spanx. These days, it's so much more than power panties and restrictive body shapers. There's slimming power in everything, from dresses, to swimsuits and sexy stockings. Sign us up!

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Easy Pieces

Thank the fashion gods—Spanx has brought their style smarts out in plain view! New tops include the shaping power women love them for, but they're meant to be worn as clothes, not as underwear.


Spanx elbow-length top, $98-$102;

Photo courtesy of Spanx

Be Body Conscious

Slimming technology meets the pencil skirt—brilliant.


Bod-A-Bing! skirt, $68;

Photo courtesy of Spanx

LBSD (Little Black Slimming Dress)

Just when we thought the little black dress couldn't get any more flattering—voila, a Spanx edition!


Bod-A-Bing! Jackie dress, $80;

Photo courtesy of Spanx

Smart and Sexy Legs

Shocked something so sexy is made by Spanx? So were first. Shapewear sizzles this season with sultry offerings like lace and sheer paneling.


Spanx back-seam pantyhose, $28;

Photo courtesy of Spanx

Hot Mama-to-Be

We know, we know...what? Spanx founder Sara Blakley delivered her baby in the summer of 2009 and ever since, maternity wear has never been the same.


Mama Spanx maternity footless pantyhose, $28;

Photo courtesy of Spanx

Lingerie Lift-Off

This sultry option has all the support Spanx is known for, but the bodice style and sheer back make it perfect for the bedroom.


Spanx Haute Contour bra, $118;

Photo courtesy of Spanx

Under-There Smarts

Control-top briefs and pantyhose have never looked this good. We love the retro, pin-up girl feel of this pair.


Spanx hi-rise thong, $42;

Photo courtesy of Spanx

The Revamped Slip

It suddenly feels difficult to find a practical slip. This smart new option is light and officially a "skort", meaning it's shorts for comfort's sake, but appears to be a skirt in the front so dresses and skirts won't get stuck in between your legs while walking.


Skinny Britches skort, $48-$51;

Photo courtesy of Spanx

Water Ready

Want to hear a fashion insider's secret? We're obsessed with Spanx swimsuits! Splurge a bit and you'll wear this baby for seasons to come.


Spanx one-shoulder one-piece, $178;

Photo courtesy of Spanx

Shape Up Your Weekend Wear

Leggings are comfy, but not always flattering. Thank goodness for this version: the same easy fit we love, but with a high-top fit for extra slimming.


Look-At-Me high-waisted leggings, $72;



Another thing we're craving this spring: comfy yet chic flats.


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Photo courtesy of Spanx

First Published March 23, 2011

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Tish Grier05.15.2011

This story seemed more like an ad for Spanks than a review of its products...
Personally, I like them in winter--they add control and the warmth of long underwear without the bulk. But in summer?? I once tried to wear some Spanx under a dress in Florida and was dying from the extra layer of insulation. How could anyone recommend--as I have seen on style segments on tv shows--that women wear Spanx in the summer! Please! Spanx have their time and place, but sometimes comfort wins out over controlling the pudge.

Kris Sandhu05.05.2011

Spanx, excellent items for our ladies when we wear dresses, so good and perfect always. I bought them online everytime as I am a little shy when I buy them in the entity shops. I also buy one pair of sunglasses on when I buy my spanx, hahah, both stylish and cool for me.

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