What's your most difficult body part to dress?

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"I have a skinny neck and a little head and a big ass. It's hard to dress that," says Jane Lynch. 

What's your most difficult body part to dress? Tell us in the comment section below!

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First Published January 17, 2012

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Danielle 12.03.2014

My whole body! I have narrow shoulders and a large bust. So I have to buy large tops to accomodate my bust, but then I spend all day tugging the top portion back up onto my shoulders - aka bra straps are exposed a lot. If I buy the next size down, they squeeze up under my underarms, which drives me insane. I also have a tummy (even though I've never had children!), so my jeans are constantly falling down. If I buy the next size down, I can't get them over my large thighs. I have wide feet and large calves, which means I have to order shoes & boots online. They rarely fit when I receive them, which means a lot of ordering and sending back until I find a pair that fits. As one of my friends commented one time, my clothes are always either too loose or too tight. That about sums it up...

My most difficult body part to dress is my (asset). My uppder body is slightly smaller than my lower body which is wide and looks like a faint picture of the moon at night upclose.

Arlene Mendoza03.09.2014

My most difficult body part to dress is my legs. I never wear shorts outside of home because of my cellulite. I wish there was a way to feel good about wearing shorts.


My arms. When I weigh more, they are as big as my boobs. I have to buy jackets in a size 16 but can sport a dress without sleeves in a 10/12 proof God has sense of humor.


The most difficult part of me to dress is my boobs. I know enough people get implants, but if money and scarring were no object I'd be an A cup. I wear a 34DD bra and would probably fill an E. The rest of me is a size 6. That means to be comfortable the only time I'm out of a bra is when bathing. I have to wear big shirts. My dream would be wearing this little spaghetti strap layered tops, having a choice to go braless. Having more choice of bras and being able to get more variety of colors and styles.

Grace 08.24.2013

This might sound weird but it is sooo refreshing to read the comments from others that their stomachs are much bigger since/due to menopause. It is hard to find tops that fit comfortably or at all in the right size. The upper portion is normal but I have to wear two sizes bigger than I need in order to accommodate around my torso. I do not like my rolls and bulges to show therefore I buy bigger so the material hangs away from my body. Shopping is not fun any more. My self esteem is still high and I still feel "Fine" because my biggest supporter and best friend Hubby reminds me that I am still the most beautiful women he have ever met. You see he reminds me that I am still, if not more, beautiful because of who I have become. I exude confidence and impart wisdom. I will continue to work out and keep active to maintain health in the metabolic areas. But yes, Tops are hard!

Stacie 04.08.2013

I don't mean to make light of the comments here, but I had to giggle (just a little) about the menopause comments because the exact same thing happened to me! I feel like a blob! My stomach grew exponentially and my whole body just got out of whack. I know some parts of me used to look good, but I can't remember which ones they were now! Ha! Ha! I feel your pain, ladies. My self-esteem has left the building.

Rhonda 03.18.2013

From my waist down! My waist is smaller than my hips, so if i can get clothes past my hips and thighs then it's too large for my waist. Not everyone has an 11-19 inch thigh!

Deborah Terrell02.28.2013

My mid section. I am full chested but my stomach is my worse area to find something that will flatter me.

krista marcelle12.15.2012

I find my double chin doesn't fit into much. Turtle necks are my living nightmare. But I do love my parka from Eddie Bauer that has a zipper which allows me to zip my face up. This makes me happy... but also legally blind.

Lsa Worsfold10.18.2012

I am 46, just going through menopause and used to feel so sexy with a good body even at 43 I felt great, the last year I have a stomach, weight is piling on and I feel I have lost my mojo as well as a good nights sleep and much more insecure and lacking confidence. What has happened to me!!!! I feel I judge every item of clothing i put on now my body has changed!

I have a huge head and a round face which makes me look much fatter than I am. I envy those with little heads. I look like a giant when in photos with my two petite friends, and I'm really not all that giant at all. Always trying contouring tricks. Also I have a small waist but major junk in the trunk, which makes finding jeans and pants complicated.

Mercia Leburu09.01.2012

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julie sprott06.27.2012

Frustrated with.... I hear you!! Upon turning 50 my stomach was growing with each month prior to the big 50. I'm also at the weight when I was in my last trimester with my third child...yikes! Two years ago I was an avid runner, hiker, you name it I did it. Along with my bad habit of smoking , and drinking way too much wine. I picked up that bad habit after my divorce.So,I quit all my bad secret habits and the weight came on with a feverish fury! I was tired all the time and extremely depressed as well after my lifestyle changes ,even though they were for the better. Keep up the excercise what ever it is you love to do, and minimize your alcholol intake. I'm reading "Before the Change by Ann Louise Gittleman. It's the small changes that make the difference!

Cathy Fouts06.24.2012

I'm short with a little waist and large breasts and hips. It is hard to wear patterns. Monocromatic combo outfits work best. I have to stick with seperates mostly as my bust is larger than my true size. I always wanted to wear button closure on top but the gap is a problem. Have sewn hidden snaps into some blouses but they still pull and dont lay flat. I guess those shirts were designed for men with flat chests.Oh Well.

It varies with my body. Depending on the size and designer it can either be my bottom half or my top half. I am bigger on the bottom and smaller on top. I have learned to live with it though.


The backs of my arms have always been my problem. My thick legs not a problem but I wished I had smaller ankles. Everything else is fine.

yolanda henson03.04.2012

Girl, I agree, Im taking Asthma medicine, so my weight goes up and downn. But my hardest is from the waist below. I love my legs, but lately jeans are too long, leaving me trying to find the right shoe. So, Im off to the store...lol.

Maria Berttula02.29.2012

I have big breast and it is hard to wear certain types of business tops at work without having staff or patients glance at my chest when I'm meeting with them.
Maria B Berttula

above my waist. trying to tone back my arms and breast and have lost quiet a bit of weight that i did put on 3 1/2 years ago and thrilled being a size 6 again from the waist down but find it very difficult to by dresses under a 10 because of my arms and breast size being a 36D with a wide back. started getting into a medium top but still feel comfortable in a large. i have accepted that i will not have the body i did since my last pregnancy at 34/35 and do for the most part love the way i look but would like to be able to at least get into a size 8 dress and my arms look great.....

I am the heaviest I have been since I was pregnant. It's partially due to my fiance' wanting to eat at "All you can eat" restaurants. He always says we'll go on a diet next week, well next week never comes. I try to eat right, like I did before we met. I was thin and juiced and ate properly. 11.5yrs later....I feel unattractive, less sexy and totally miserable. I do have fibromyalgia and have good and bad days, most are bad with the pain levels. I have fat from my neck to my knees! My belly is big, bloated and miserable with acid reflux all the time. Menopause does not help at all. I use to NEVER weigh over 35-40 at my WORST. Now I weigh in at almost 170lbs. I was always very active and worked out a lot. What can I do the get it back? I am trying all different ways of eating. To me, I had the best luck with juicing carrots. apples, spinach and anything out of the juice man's book. Any exercise suggestions for menopausal women?

teri 01.29.2012

In the past I would have said my butt only because I've been self conscious about it all my life, but then bootylicious became popular and I became less uncomfortable. In the last few years to my horror its been my waist/stomach since this while menopause nightmare began. All my skirts and jeans were bought for a small waist and now I can't button, snap or close anything.

Avis Evans01.22.2012

my waist/lower abdominal area. Going through menopause and my lower body seems to be expanding on it's own. UGH!

Birdie Mom 01.21.2012

Long, slender arms and legs make me look thinner than I really am. The area from the elastic around my bra to my hips (my menopot) is the toughest to dress. Tunics are fine but get boring after awhile.

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