Woman of Style: Rebecca Taylor

Want hip, feminine clothes that are so chic, you’ll wear them for years?
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Adore These Adornments

"People have always looked to me for a bit of sparkle," Taylor says. "You can wear something beaded for day, as long as you pair it with something casual. It’s all in the mix." Rebecca Taylor silk-blend top, $275; Dahlia, 352-381-0061
Photo by Jens Mortensen

Coco Chanel Inspiration

Taylor says Chanel is a major influence on her work, citing the iconic designer’s groundbreaking use of soft fabrics, embellishments and black for daytime. Rebecca Taylor chiffon-blend dress, $395; Habit, 615-292-9399 Rebecca Taylor chiffon-blend sequined jacket, $315; Olive & Bettes, 212-712-0473 Adrienne Landau faux-fur stole, $140; adriennelandau.com for stores
Photo by Jens Mortensen

Flirty Flats

Rebecca Taylor leather and suede flats, $285; 212-966-0406
Photo by Jens Mortensen

Keep It Feminine

Taylor understands what pretty is: flirty, ethereal, flattering. To that end, she uses lots of sheer or lightweight fabrics (tiered and ruffled to great effect) in muted hues of black, gray and slate. This is very popular, she says, "with professional women who wear suiting but also want to look ladylike." Rebecca Taylor cotton chiffon-blend dress, $550; 212-966-0406
photo by Jens Mortensen

A Bit of Sparkle

The finishing touch? Delicate jewelry. Rebecca Taylor yellow gold hanging earrings, $169; 212-966-0406
Photo by Jens Mortensen

Triple Gold

Rings for every day or night. Rebecca Taylor yellow gold, white gold and rose gold rings, $285 for a set of three; 212-966-0406
photo by Jens Mortensen

Play With Prints

Pretty blouses, a Taylor staple, are best worn with something simple on the bottom to keep the look balanced. "The trick is to find a print that doesn’t overwhelm you, in a pattern that you like," Taylor says. "And then wear one printed piece at time." Rebecca Taylor silk chiffon-blend blouse, $295; Togs, 203-972-2871
Photo by Jens Mortensen

Frame Your Face

Easy to wear and ultra-feminine. Rebecca Taylor cotton blouse, $275; Snap, 504-849-9988
photo by Jens Mortensen

Not-So-Basic Black

The perfect black pants to balance statement-making tops. Rebecca Taylor wool-blend pants, $295; 212-966-0406
Photo by Jens Mortensen

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