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6 Sunglasses Styles Made Famous by Celebrities

Nothing can make a person feel famous like a truly fantastic pair of sunglasses can. Behind fabulous frames, you can look fierce while pretending that you’re evading your own imaginary paparazzi. These seven styles were worn on- and off-screen by some of our biggest stars; luckily, they look just as good on all us little people, too.

Elton John

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In the ’70s, John was known for his on-stage wardrobe of increasingly fantastical, phenomenal, colorful, jewel-encrusted shades, which were rumored to cost up to $5000. And that was even before he publically acknowledged that he was gay.

Elton John

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Get the same look with this rhinestone-studded pair of shades, appropriately named the “Rocket Man.” ($19.99 at A.J. "Morgan Eyewear":

Buddy Holly

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Holly’s signature black, plastic, horn-rimmed glasses would eventually become the glasses of choice for nerds and those who just wanted to dress like them, like singer Elvis Costello and comedian Drew Carey.

Buddy Holly

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Try a modern take on the retro look with this pair from Alexander Wang. ($325 at "Saks Fifth Avenue":

Tom Cruise

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In 1983, the year that Cruise wore Wayfarers in the film _Risky Business_, Ray-Ban reportedly sold 360,000 pairs of the iconic glasses, which debuted in 1952 and have been worn by everyone from Jack Nicholson to Michael Jackson to Audrey Hepburn in _Breakfast at Tiffany’s_. Some credit the frames with being the best-selling sunglasses of all time.

Tom Cruise

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The latest models feature colorful plastic frames with gray gradient lenses. ($145 at "Saks Fifth Avenue":

Kanye West

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You can’t properly call yourself a megalomaniac unless you can start a thoroughly silly trend. West popularized these “shutter shades,” which are the epitome of fashion over function. _Photo source: "SOCIALisBETTER": (cc)_

Kanye West

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Reenact your own award-crashing moment with these glow-in-the-dark frames. Overblown ego not included. ($4.99 at "Iced Out Gear":

Johnny Depp

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In the 1998 adaptation of Hunter S. Thompson’s book _"Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas":, Depp donned a signature pair of aviator sunglasses for his trip through the desert. Aviators with lenses of all colors became a trend within just a few years, and are even worn by John Goodman in _The Big Lebowski_.

Johnny Depp

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Although the original Ray-Ban style is no longer manufactured with lemon-yellow lenses, the Shooter style remains popular with devotees of the film. ($109 at "Ray-Ban":

John Lennon

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Lennon wasn’t the first person to wear small, rounded, wire-rimmed glasses (also called teashades), but he was the most memorable. Rockers Ozzy Osborne and Jerry Garcia, as well as fictional hero Harry Potter, are or were synonymous with teashades, too.

John Lennon

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Peaceniks of all ages can find Lennon-inspired shades (and regular glasses, too) at budget-friendly prices. ($5.95 at "Hippie Shop":

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