Do You Wear Too Much Black?

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Do You Wear Too Much Black?

Who doesn’t love black?  It’s chic and sexy; makes you look thin, and you can wear it anywhere.  But when it comes to building a fabulous wardrobe, are you stuck in a ?black? hole?

We think so!  Abundant Black Disorder (ABD) is a common wardrobe dysfunction that’s rarely spoken about.  It can occur anytime in a woman’s life, but usually peaks at midlife. The symptoms: a closet full of black clothing and accessories, the irresistible urge to "buy it in black", no matter what other colors it comes in, and the feeling of being too fat or too visible if you wear anything other than black, black, black.

Unfortunately women who have ABD fail to realize that an abundance of Black seriously cramps your style and makes you look old. How? After 40 too much black is notorious for draining the color from your paler and more fragile, aging skin.  Black also hides your fabulous 40+ personality, while constantly dressing in black signals, ?I?m old. Don’t notice me. "...Sad!

We compare having ABD to going to an ice cream store and always ordering a single scoop of low-fat vanilla ice milk.  It’s basic and practical, but it will leave you feeling bored and unsatisfied. It?s the same with black; always buying and wearing black will the joy from your life, and your looks.

How can you cure ADB?  STOP being so terribly predictable. Perk up your looks and liven up your soul with a dash of color. Promise yourself not to buy anymore black for a very long time and stick to it!   

Too much to ask, you say? Then take things slowly by first choosing outfits that combine black with a burst of color. For example, try a fuchsia silk blouse with an elegant black pencil skirt. How about a sexy black wrap dress that?s has a shot of red in pattern. Electric blue shoes or a stylish blue bag with make a black suit pop, and a pretty black top worn with some festive costume jewelry will perk up your face and make you look vibrant. 

Challenge yourself to climb out of that black cave we call Abundant Black Disorder and reach for a rainbow. It?s the best prescription we know of to help you look and feel Fabulous after 40!    

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Not sure I agree with this, especially in the age of such good self tanners!
Certain colors automatically make a woman look so much older, because you can tell she's trying to put color by her face - fuchsia, turquoise, bright salmon...
Plus on this site every model is slim - in real life women are 40 are sometimes fuller here and there, and colors can make us look like beached whales!
How about suggesting a solution that works for all of us - like bright colored scarves, shawls and sweaters? They don't dominate but bring a burst of color, are affordable and easily changed to keep pace with the season's fashions.
Sorry but I am not giving up my black just yet!

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