Comfortable Heels Do Exist

Thanks to new technology, Kenneth Cole’s 925 high heels really do coddle your feet.

Kenneth Cole “Silver Bell” shoe, $160
Photograph: photo courtesy of Kenneth Cole

I love high heels. Always have. Standing at a not-so-towering 5’ 4”, wearing heels has always felt like a necessity to me. They make me feel more feminine, they make my legs look so much longer than they are, and they give me the height I need in order to see over the deli counter during the lunch rush. But my poor aching back—which, ahem, has gotten worse with age—needs a bit of relief. I’m happy to report that long-time shoemaker Kenneth Cole feels my pain, and has done something about it.

This fall, Cole is launching a great collection of heels that cleverly employ the company’s 925 technology. What is it? Comfort, tenfold. The foot bed of each shoe has two layers of PORON foam: One acts as a shock absorber; the other molds to your foot and “memorizes” the shape. Hence, the more you wear them, the more comfortable they become because they fit your foot perfectly. The shoes are also constructed with a little flaxseed pillow in the arch, for extra support, and a soft rubber sole that enhances flexibility.

Its been said that seeing is believing, but I’m here to tell you that in this case, wearing is believing. Finally, my feet have been given the comfort they deserve.

See the collection here

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