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Jazzy’s Eco-Jewelry

Jaszy McAllister was a former criminal psychologist who ditched Army life in favor of a more creative one. After moving to North Carolina with her husband Jaszy filled her days with reading do-it- yourself books. She began to dabble in jewelry making, gifting it to her friends and family. Then the wheels of entrepreneurship started to turn. To read the rest of Jaszy’s reinvention story, click here. To purchase one of Jaszy’s pieces, visit her website Jaszy’s Jewelry.

Red Bee Artisanal Honey

Marina Marchese was creative director for a giftware company before reinventing as a boutique honeybee farmer. Her farm, Red Bee, is located in Weston, Connecticut. Take a virtual peek at her honey making process here. . To find out more about her food and skin care products, visit her website>

Chilly Jilly Wrap

A guest spot on The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch gave Jill Boehler the publicity push she desperately needed. After creating and marketing her product, The Chilly Jilly Wrap, Boehler found herself in debt and unsure of her company’s future. After her prime time appearance, sales turned for the better and Boehler found herself on a rollercoaster ride of success. To find out what inspired Jill to create the Chilly Jilly, read the rest of her reinvention story here. To purchase a Chilly Jilly, visit Jill’s website, or call 443-686-1111 to place an order.

Yoga Box

Paula Craig fused her entrepreneurial skills with her passion for yoga to create her company, Whole Being Yoga. The company sprouted from the idea of bliss which, in the yoga world, is what brings most joy to your life. After surviving a life threatening illness, Paula realized that her "bliss" was comprised of two things: yoga and board games. Her mind was quickly filled with words and visions for creating something tangible involving both on and beyond the yoga mat. To read more on Paula and Whole Being Yoga, click here. To learn more about Whole Being Yoga, visit Paula’s website.

Handmade Biscotti

Suzy Renehan began baking biscotti while still holding on to her corporate, financial services job. A coffee shop in her building asked in they could sell them, and so her company, Uncanny Biscotti , was born. At 48, she quit her corporate job to devote herself to the business full time. Read more here.

11 Bold Street Jewelry

She wanted to move to France. Instead, she moved careers. As a former draftswoman Susan O’Neill spent hours putting other people’s ideas to paper. So when her big moving plans fell through, Susan took up an old hobby- polymer clay. To read how Susan turned her hobby into a business, read the rest of her reinvention story here. To purchase one of Susan’s pieces, visit her store on

Kathy Davis Greeting Cards

English teacher Kathy Davis always had a passion for art, but between her hectic schedule and growing children, she had little time to spend on large, acrylic paintings. Instead, she began experimenting with calligraphy and watercolor, creating homemade Christmas cards for family and friends each year. After a friend insisted on a trip to the National Stationary Show, Kathy’s one-time hobby took a turn even she couldn’t see coming. To read the rest of Kathy’s reinvention story, click here. To learn more about Kathy and where you can purchase her cards, visit her website.

AmoliaMae Children’s Clothing

Jules Smith was a self described work-a-holic, but when she left her life in America behind for a new one in England, her world was drastically changed. Soon after moving across the pond, Jules married, adopted a daughter and moved out to the countryside. The shops in nearby villages were unlike anything she’d seen before— delicately crafted textiles and designs, each unique in it’s own way— unlike the mass produced apparel filling the racks at U.S. stores. With that AmoliaMae was born. Named after her grandmother and great-grandmother, AmoliaMae imports UK made children’s clothing to U.S. residents. To read more of Jules’ story, click here. To learn more about AmolieMae or make a purchase, visit her website.

Paintings of Pets

Former fashion exec Linda Holt ditched the corporate life for the art world. While in Maui at a sales conference she reconnected with her creative side, snapping photos of the wildlife and later turning them into oil paintings. Now, her work hangs in institutions like Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston and Citigroup in Manhattan. To read more about Linda’s new life as an artist and what inspired her next, click here. Linda’s collections are also reproduced as museum-quality cards and boxed as a unique gift idea. Mention you’re a MORE reader and receive a discounted price of $20 when you place your order at

Dating Coach

With 712 marriages to her credit, Dating Coach, Matchmaker, and New York Times bestselling author Rachel Greenwald has reinvented herself as The Wife Maker. While looking for a flexible career after becoming a mom, she noticed how many women over 40 were struggling in a changed dating world. She applied the business savvy she learned at Harvard Business School to help women find the right mate, especially after divorce. Click here to learn more about Rachel’s reinvention story. To arrange a consult with Rachel, click here. By mentioning that you’re a More Magazine reader, you’ll receive $25 off an initial consultation

Ruby et Violette Confections

Heather Sue Mercer, a self-confessed sugar-holic, and her two older sisters, Jenji and Bekah,quit their jobs and went into business together, as the new owners of a trendy little bake shop, in Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen. Now Ruby et Violette is also a thriving mail order business. Read their story here.

Gastronomic Tours

Five years ago, Elinor Griffith was obliged to retire from the magazine where she’d worked for 30 years. At first, she couldn’t imagine what she’d do next. Then, she took inspiration from her kids: be daring, they said. Take a risk. And so she started start a small customized cooking tour business in France. Griffith Gourmet was born. Read more.

Beauty Bundles

"I’ve always maintained the philosophy that beauty enriches our lives and the lives of those around us," says Marlene Gadinis. Feeling overwhelmed by the demands of running her spa business and taking care of two small children, Gadinis cast around for a suitable e-commerce enterprise—and Beauty Bundles was born. Read about her reinvention here.

Pam Older Jewelry

Pam Older made jewelry as a student in college, then gave it up after graduating. Twenty-five years later, she returned to her passion." At first I sold to friends and private clients, but within a few months, I was selling to stores. .... The best parts? Buying gorgeous gemstones, making beautiful things everyday that people really seem to enjoy and not having a boss!" Visit her web site here and read more about her reinvention here.

Whimsical Art

Lauretta Lowell filled her life with creative hobbies but worked a corporate 9-5 job to pay the bills. After suffering from a stroke, Lauretta realized life was too short to do something she wasn’t passionate about. By reevaluating her priorities and realizing passions came first, Lauretta began making dolls from her antique findings.To see Lauretta’s dolls, visit To keep reading Lauretta’s reinvention story, click here.

Zany Caps

When diagnosed with Grave’s Disease, an autoimmune disorder that causes hair loss, Carrie Bell felt self- conscious about leaving the house without a baseball cap. Turned off by the masculinity of the average hat, Carrie set out in search of something more feminine. When her search led to a dead end she decided to take matters into her own hands. Carrie now runs MadCapz, a site dedicated to selling unique, fun hats and visors for women.To see all of Carrie’s hats, visit To keep reading Carrie’s reinvention story, click here.

Cupcakes & Cake Bites

A former architect, Karen Tripp opened her Mill Valley bakery in 2008, selling cupcakes in dozens of different flavors. Now the Frosting Bakeshop also sells "cake bites" by mail order, and her business is thriving. Read her reinvention story here. FOR GIFT IDEAS FOR YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER, CLICK HERE

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