8 Savvy Fashion & Shopping Apps to Download

The top eight fashion and shopping apps you need to download now. Whether you’re a fashion novice or a style expert, these apps were designed to make buying, selling, and discussing fashion easier and more fun

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Thread FLIP

Let's face it, we have all contemplated selling something on eBay but have never gotten around to doing it because who has the time? Enter Thread Flip. Like other apps, Threadlfip lets you buy and sell gently worn fashion (that dress that you had to have and wore once for example). Where it differs from other sites is it’s level of service and personalization. Buyers and sellers use their facebook profiles to ensure that you’re interacting with actual humans. And if you don’t have the time to photograph, list and ship your goods the company offers a White Glove Service that will do it all for you.

Available on your iPhone and iPad. 



Described as the “Instagram of fashion”, Pose is a place where you can post your daily outfits within their community. Then people can comment or like your looks. If you want to use the app strictly for inspiration you can follow bloggers, stylists and your favorite brands to see what they are wearing. After you have created an account you can log-in each morning to discover personalized outfit suggestions and products of the day. It even asks you for your location so that you can cross-check your planned look with the weather forecast.

Available on iPhone, iPad, Android Devices. 



Who can forget Cher Horowitz (Alicia Silverstone in Clueless) and her amazing virtual closet. Cloth gives you the technology to create your own virtual closet where you can save, organize and share your favorite outfits through your phone. Just snap pictures of your looks, then categorize them and they're ready to reference when you need an outfit in a hurry (or just any morning before you have had your coffee). You can also browse other Cloth members style for inspiration. And as a additional bonus, Cloth just partnered with wunderground.com to create Cloth Weather, which allows you to browse your closet for something to wear based on the current weather conditions.

Available on iPhone and iPad.


Snapette is the first app that allows you to browse and shop the newest products from top boutiques worldwide, from London to Madrid, New York and Tokyo. All simultaneously AND from the comfort of your home or on the go. This app is great for any woman who wants to stay on top of trends and discover new brands without having to travel. Dreamed of shopping in Parisian boutiques? Now you can, no passport necessary.

Available on Android and iOS. 


So many fashion blogs, so little time. Chicfeed culls photos from top fashion blogs and websites and puts them in one place for easy browsing. It allows you to stay up to date on fashion news and gives you a way to gorgeous photos without having to subscribe to email lists or remember to check in with your favorites. Think of it as your go to place for whats happening in the fashion world and distingushing is worth your time.

Available on Android, iPhone and iPad. 


Sometimes you want to discover, share and discuss fashion with someone other than your best friend who, let’s face it, isn't that much of a shopper. Logging in to Trendabl is essentially like logging into your own fashion obsessed world. You can "follow" brands you love (DVF, Carolina Herrera, Michael Kors) to see what's new, or Tastemakers you admire (Harley Viera Newton, Bagsnob, BarneysNY) to see photos of things they are coveting. And to feed the addiction a little more just click to buy right from your personalized feed of products.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. 


Shopaholics and deal-seekers take note: Lyst lets you scroll through the latest offerings from your favorite designers and flag the pieces you can’t live without. If you can fend off temptation for a few weeks, you might be rewarded—the app notifies you when your selections go on sale.


Available for iPhone


Have you had your eye on a pair of shoes for months only to find out that when they finally went on sale you missed it and now they're sold out? Hukkster promises to never let you miss a sale again. In order to do that first you need to add the "Hukk It" button to your bookmarks bar (similar to pinterest). Then browse online as you normally would and when you find something you want, click the button and it adds it to a list that you can access and share at any time (hello amazing birthday gifts!). Then the site will email you the moment the item goes on sale. You can also use the site to browse top "hukks" and see what tastemakers are hukking.

Available on iPhone and iPad. 

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