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By Susan Swimmer • Fashion Features Editor
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Photograph: Courtesy of Charm and Chain

You know what I love more than clothes? Accessories. I always have, and over the years I’ve amassed quite a collection. Although figuring out how to store everything has been stressful at times, my many bins of baubles makes me so happy it’s worth the ongoing reorganization required. I love all the colors and textures that accessories bring to my life (whether strands of ceramic beads, chunky mixed metal chains, stacks of enameled bracelets), and I love combining new pieces with old ones and layering them in all different ways. In truth, my wardrobe has far less depth. I get stopped all the time, passers-by wanting to take a closer look, and the question I’m asked is, ‘Where do you find things?’ The answer is pretty simple: EVERYWHERE. Whether I’m traveling to some foreign locale or dashing out to grab a sandwich at lunch, I’m always on the lookout. I see, I try, I consider, I buy. And that, my friends, is how a collection is cultivated. So many women admit to me that they want to accessorize more but they don’t know how to do it. The first step? Start buying. In every city, at every price point, there are wonderful accessories waiting to transform your ensemble into something uniquely you. Want to look at a few ideas and possible start shopping? Check out one of my favorite sites, Charm and Chain:


Go! Buy! Be chic!

First Published July 29, 2011

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