Cheery Cherry Red

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by Susan Swimmer
Photograph: Bloomingdale's

Thanks to my crack investigative reporting, I’ve recently noticed an influx of tomato red bags dangling from the arms of chic New Yorkers. I've never considered the hue myself (until now), and I must say I’m intrigued. Here’s what I think: Warmer months are made for wearing a shot of bold color and this particular hue is feminine but not prissy, bold but not kooky. It looks equally great with black, denim and especially all your “greige” neutrals. And then it hit me: I know this color! It’s on my radar because it was all over the runways at the fall 2011 fashion shows, as an accent (a belt, a collar), and also on its own in all its glory (a dress). Take a look and give it some thought, I promise you it’s a better mood booster than a box of doughnuts.

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First Published May 12, 2011

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