For-Never Nude (Stockings, That Is)

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By: Susan Swimmer
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November 2, 2010


I remember buying my first pair of nude stockings. I was 13 and I was going to a school dance and it was in the 1970s and stockings seemed very grown up. Oh, the sound of that plastic egg popping open (L’eggs!), revealing the shriveled up strands, the color of…I have no idea what color you’d call them. Some shade in the tan/orange-y family. Probably called “Suntan,” but trust me it was no color found in nature and not even close to the color of my own skin.  That’s probably the last pair of “nude” hose I tried, and possibly the best fashion decision I’ve ever made.

Ladies, hear this: If you are still wearing nude pantyhose, STOP IT. They are never, ever the right choice. Not in summer, not if you’re wearing white, not on vacation, never. Now when it comes to leg wear, I’m all in favor. They smooth things out (thank you, control top), cover bruises and veins and whatever else you have on your legs, and even add warmth. But wearing nude hose? Never. Why? Because if it’s a “natural” look you’re going for then the only non-cheesy way to achieve it is to go with bare legs. Yes, my friends, it’s tough love time.

Here’s the good news: This season, leg wear is huge and there are choices galore. Wear everything from the sheerest sheer to the most saturated opaques. Try color (love neutrals, like chocolate and gray, and also love bold hues, like cobalt), experiment with texture (unless your legs are giraffe-like, steer clear of super busy designs), and by all means mix it up.  Ok, enough said.

Go! Buy! Be chic!

First Published November 2, 2010

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Marilyn Tate05.17.2011

Help...I am going to a formal sheer nylons? I am wearing a Adrianne Pappel dress,navy blue...I am leaving in the a.m.

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