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by Susan Swimmer
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Photograph: J. Jill

I went to the beach last weekend for Memorial Day, and it proved the perfect start to the summer season.  We east coast dwellers have had our share of rain this Spring, and it was a delight (and a relief) to finally enjoy good weather. But I’ll say this, I thought my body would go into shock when I put on a swimsuit after so many months of layers. To soften the blow I topped my one-piece with my favorite cover up, and this, my friends, is what we need to discuss. Swimsuits, schmimsuits, nothing beats a good cover up and I’m here to tell you it’s the key to your beach look. What to go for? A style that’s loose and easy to get on and off (no pinching, no creasing, and absolutely no marks from it digging in), fabric that’s breathable (cotton or linen is best), and above all else, something that will actually COVER YOUR BODY. Enough with the tunics that barely skim your bum. Stop it with the totally sheer sarongs. Knock off EVERYTHING that’s too tight, too faded, too stained, too hot, and too skimpy.  The idea is to look polished and pulled together, even waterside. Choose a color that’s either an easy-to-incorporate neutral (taupe-brown-black) or sunny and super bright (coral, magenta), or choose a small-scale print in a color scheme that flatters your skin tone (it’s not rocket science, people: If you have a lot of printed suits, go for a cover up in a color; if you like solid suits, maybe a printed topper is in order). You get the gist. Now don’t even get me started on all of you who are covering up with your husband’s old high school football jerseys. Really, I can only take so much.
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First Published June 1, 2011

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