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By: Susan Swimmer
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December 6, 2010


I want to give a big shout out to the holiday season. I know what you’re thinking: My love for this time of year is all about spreading the joy, connecting to friends and family, sharing the good will, blah, bah, blah. Sure, sure, all that is GREAT, but what I ALSO love is that the holiday season gives us occasions to dress up. Bring on the glamour, I say!

For those of you who want to gussy up without, say, sparkling like a Vegas showgirl (note to all: step away from the bugle beads), let’s turn our attention to velvet. I love velvet, and let me tell you why: it feels good, the fabric makes any color look more saturated, and it says “special occasion” in an instant. But velvet is tricky, as in, bulky. Leave it to little girls with dreams of sugar plumbs to wear an entire dress made out of the fabric, and instead opt for a velvet blazer. It’s stylish…timeless…grown up.

This season there are lots of them to choose from, and at every price point. Go for classic and tailored (three buttons, notched collar), that’s as fitted as can be and still leave you room for an egg nog (or two). I love them in navy, brown, or burgundy, and my new favorite color, gray. Wear one with your favorite black pants or a pencil skirt, over a soft dress (chiffon, silk), even with a pair of dark rinse jeans. The look is polished enough for a professional fete (like, say, the office holiday party), but sumptuous enough for something more intimate, like a friend’s dinner party.

Go! Buy! Be Chic!

First Published December 6, 2010

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