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11 Fashion Rules to Break In 2015

With so many trends emerging every season, it's easy to get caught up in industry standards and fashion rules. But hey, who even made these rules? And rules were made to be broken anyway, especially when it comes to style. If you're looking to rebel and hone in on your own personal style in 2015, here are 11 fashion rules we suggest breaking.

Socks with Sandals Are a No-No

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Socks with sandals are no longer a fashion no-no. Whether you're looking to transition into spring with new summer flats or you're in the mood to wear strappy heels in the dead of winter, this fashion-forward trend can be worn year-round. We suggest starting with a monochromatic look, like neutral socks with earth-tone footwear. But if you're an expert risk taker, go for a bold color or pop of print to really showcase your strut.

No White after Labor Day

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Whoever said no white after Labor Day clearly doesn't know the power of winter whites. This outdated "rule" is officially unwritten. All-white outfits create a fresh, modern aesthetic that we could all use in our wardrobe. The key component to making year-round white work is the fabric you pick. In the chillier months, reach for wools, cashmeres, and leathers, but when the temps rise, incorporate cottons, linens, and seersucker. It's that easy! We also support mixing whites with ivories, creams, blushes, and grays.

Black and Blue Clash

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If combining black and blue makes you think of a bruise and not fashion-forward color mixing, you need to get your head on straight. We're here to let you know: These two hues are a power color combo you must try! They key to working black and blue together is making your outfit look intentional. Pair rich blues with a true black so the eye can distinguish between the two colors, and you won't look as if you had a lighting deficiency while getting dressed.

Your Bag Should Match Your Outfit

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Welcome to 2015, where your bag DOES NOT have to match your outfit. In fact, doing so can create a matronly and outdated look. This year, use your accessories to create a playful mix of colors and prints—this will add a modern twist and eye-catching appeal.

Don't Mix Your Prints

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Print mixing has been one of the most-tried trends both in the streets and on the runway. When mixing prints, combine a large print with a smaller print or a dense print with a less dense print. We also recommend offsetting floral prints with stripes or polka dots. If you're totally stuck, gingham prints always serve as a great base layer.

Sequins Are for Parties Only

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These days, sparkles and sequins aren't just for formal occasions. Try mixing some of your blingy pieces into your everyday wear. We advise going for a high-low look by keeping your sequins limited to one piece of clothing or an accessory. An easy way to dress down your sparkle is with denim—the more distressed, the better!

Don't Mix Metals

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Add an eclectic feel to your look by mixing your metals—gold and silver. The best way to create an easy and effortless look is by layering necklaces or stacking on an arm party. Blend pieces of varying widths and shades of silver and gold. The same goes for rings. If you're feeling bold, add a little rose gold or pearl into the mix for extra contrast.

Sneakers Are Only for the Gym

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Giving your feet a comfy break from heels doesn't mean you have to downgrade your style. In fact, sneakers are all the rage right now. So, next time you head off to work or to have a little fun on the weekend, grab your Nike or New Balance sneaks out of your gym bag. They pair with almost any outfit to give off a cool, casual vibe everyone will admire.

Never Wear Sweatpants out of the House

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Comfy is cool! Sweats aren't just for lounging around the house anymore. If you can imagine, they now work for errands, the office, even date night. Simply swap your usual trousers for some trendy sweats and a nice top, or keep it simple with a chambray shirt and tee. If you really want to amp up your casual look, add a strappy heel.

Never Pair Brown and Black

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The brown-and-black color combo has been a serious fashion no-no since before the beginning of time. News flash: These two colors look amazing together! For a sleek and contrasting look, pair lighter browns with bold blacks. Nothing looks better than a black sweater, black jeans, and a brown coat to finish off the look. If all else fails, wear a leopard print.

Overalls Are Only for Kids

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Fashion influencers everywhere have taken this trend to the streets, and we wholeheartedly approve. Face it, overalls are back! So, ditch the notion that these denim wonders are only for farmers or children under the age of 10, and slip into a slim-fitted or distressed pair of your very own. If you're not into the all-jean look, try a pair in a more modern fabric option, like leather, silk, denim, linen, or corduroy. We recommend dressing up your overalls with a pair of pumps, or keep it all casual with sneakers.

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