The Fear of Retirement

by Roberta Smith • Member { View Profile }

I know that I should really pay attention to what's going on with my finances, but it is so scary!  The things that I DON'T know added to the things that have happened to me financially just push me right into ostrich mode - keep my head in the sand!


I'm 50 - a single mother.  I've been laid off twice and divorced once.  I did not learn money management in my youth and I struggle with trying to keep myself in a position to be aligned with others.  I want to do things - I want to be able to get out and LIVE!  I know that when you are trying to accomplish something financially you have to sacrifice, but the things that I have to sacrifice may send me into a deep depression. So what do you do?


During one year of being laid off, I had to use everything in my 401K just to keep my head above water.  Now my daughter is 2 years away from high school graduation, I still have 70K in student loans and I haven't been on a vacation in 3 years.  I want to enjoy my life now AND later - sigh....

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