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Field Trip for Democracy

Field Trip for Democracy

Take civic participation to the next level. Become an active participant in your democracy!

School’s out, gather up your friends and the kids, and join Mothers Acting Up (MAU) this summer for field trips to our Members of Congress. All you need are mothers, children, and the Mother Agenda. The purpose of the field trip is to engage parents and children in civic participation and demystify what it looks like to speak up on behalf of the world’s children.

On the field trips, mothers and children will introduce themselves as allies in the effort to protect our global family. Discuss with Members of Congress and their staff how U.S. policies are impacting the world’s children and present our Mother Agenda:

1. End extreme poverty by funding the Millennium Development Goals.
2. Protect the environment with mandatory reductions in CO2 emissions.
3. Measure the impact of war on children.

Our public servants need to hear from us; they get plenty of help from folks lobbying for a stronger economy or bigger military. It’s vital they hear from YOU. Children and adults of all ages welcomed!

Here’s the “how to” for setting up a field trip:

1. Mothers Acting Up website has a recipe for Field Trips which will walk you through the 1, 2, 3s of setting up a field trip. Read the recipe and modify it as you see fit. For example, mamas in Nashville will divide up the weeks of summer with other community members to drop off a cookie platter and the Mother Agenda with their kids in tow.

2. Sign-up on the Mother’s Acting Up website.

3. Invite, invite, invite—your friends, family, and local chapters of organizations like ONE, WAND, RESULTS, and CODEPINK.

4. Study the Mother Agenda. Information on each of the issues covered by the Mother Agenda can be found through a link on the Field Trip recipe page.

Field trips are the most empowering activity (aside from learning to surf at 50), especially with children and a coalition of other groups. Have a blast!