The Joy of Playing It Un-Safe: Loving Again

One woman risked it all to find love after devastating loss

Liz Welch
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Photograph: Phil Toledano

He was handsome, in a rugged way, and had the kindest eyes I’d ever seen. Open, searching and trusting, they led me to believe that this was a man I could love, and trust to love me back. We spent that evening talking about life, work and travels—I made no mention of why my first marriage failed. I planned to save that for the fifth date and truly hoped we’d get there. But then, at our second meeting, he talked about the importance of family. I fell silent and then tentatively told him my story, ending it with, “Did you know I’m 38?”

He did.

“Does that matter?”

It did not.

Allowing myself to fall in love with Gideon is easily the riskiest thing I have ever done. By the time he asked me to marry him six months later, I knew I had found in him not only a life partner but a family. And so this time, when I said “I do,” there were no expectations or dreams to pursue; they had already been realized.

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First Published October 17, 2011

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