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Flexibility at Work:...

Flexibility at Work: Six Women Who’ve Found the Holy Grail

Women don’t necessarily want to work less. They just want more control over their hours.

That’s what career coach Nancy Collamer told me, and I think she’s right. DivineCaroline has profiled many career women for a regular feature called “My Gig.” A handful, mostly women working for themselves, have found that sought-after flexibility.

For wallpaper installer Elizabeth Johnson, flexibility means she has time to be an artist and take long vacations when the travel bug bites. For Jasmin Zorlu, a milliner, it means sleeping late occasionally. Children’s clothing designer Stephanie Scarpulla says one of the best things about her job is picking her daughters up from school every day at 3 p.m.

Meet these three woman and a few more with flexible jobs—and find out how they made it where they are.

  • Hat Designer: Jasmin Zorlu
  • Writer: Denise Vega
  • Self-employed Attorney: Kate Lyon
  • Wallpaper Installer: Elizabeth Johnson
  • Wedding Photographer: Andi Hatch
  • Children’s Clothing Designer: Stephanie Scarpulla

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