Need a Wing-Woman? Try FlipMe Dating Cards

Flirtacious sayings invite recipients to check out your dating profile.

By Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

Playing hard to get is sooo last season. Seriously, when you’re looking for love, there’s simply no time to beat around the bush. And sorry, ladies, but being shy, nervous or tongue-tied when it comes to approaching that way-cute guy at the bar/party/coffee shop/grocery store/gym/networking event is no excuse.

Just give him your card.

Only, forget the boring business card. Snooze. If you want to get noticed, try the FlipMe card. For $25 and a six-month membership, you get 30 cards emblazoned with flirty statements such as “I’m playing easy to get,” “Here’s a little push in my direction” and “Wink. Wink.” Of course, we prefer the sassy “Here’s hoping you can read” or the sexy and straightforward “You’re being hit on” versions.

Besides the not-so-subtle hints, FlipMe's come with codes that recipients can enter at to read your dating profile. Why not give it a try? You never know where things might lead. Plus, we think this is one time men will love being carded.

Click here to visit and buy cards.

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First Published September 8, 2011

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