The Most Foot-Friendly Shoewear

Doctor-recommended picks you may already have in your closet

by Emily Listfield
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If you have any tendency toward foot pain, choosing the right shoe can make the difference between agony and, if not exactly ecstasy, at least reasonable comfort. “The shoe should look somewhat like your foot,” New York City podiatrist Johanna Youner says. Most department stores have a “comfort shoe” department, which is a good place to start. Before you flatly refuse, be aware that styles are improving. Here are some brands that the doctors we interviewed recommend:

For daily wear: A shoe with a wide toe box is best for almost every problem. Youner likes Munro, which has a huge se-lection of sizes available (from AAAA to EE), and Ecco, which offers shoes made of soft leather. Arche, she adds, “makes great day-to-day, stylish city shoes that provide good support and excellent shock absorption.” Birkenstocks, if you can tolerate the stiff arches built into the footbeds, also offer a lot of support and are especially good for people with plantar fasciitis.

For exercise: “Look for a sneaker with motion control and stability,” says UCLA podiatrist Bob Baravarian. He’s partial to both Asics and New Balance.

For dress: Baravarian recommends Dana Davis. “The shoes have insoles built in and are constructed with podiatrist input about where to provide support and cushioning,” he says.

For summer: Thick-soled FitFlops get Youner’s vote: “They have more support than regular flip-flops.

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